10 Gifts for the Home Gardener
Jennifer Woods

10 Gifts for the Home Gardener

The number of home gardeners/homesteaders is growing by the second and you might even count yourself among them. Here are some pretty and pretty useful food-focused gifts for the gardener or those who aspire to be one.

10 Gifts for the Home Gardener
Jennifer Woods

1. Scrub gloves. Forget using a clunky brush. Slip into these rough gloves (that double as a body slougher) and rub away all that dirt from your carrots and rutabagas.

2. An herb drying rack would be a romantic addition to any kitchen.

3. Everyone needs a good salad spinner. Even the packaged triple-washed organic leaves should be treated to a bath before you eat them. This is a great one.

4. How cute would these colorful stoneware farmers market berry baskets be to store on the countertop filled your supply of backyard cherry tomatoes. Or stuffed with figs in the fridge. So sweet.

5. For those with a supply of chicken eggs either from your backyard or CSA, treat them with the respect they deserve in this stoneware egg crate instead of the styro or paper containers. Your fridge is gonna look gorgeous.

6. Apartment Gardening and/or Urban Pantry both by Amy Pennington (green girl extraordinaire from Seattle) will help inspire and educate you about gardening and cooking from the garden.

7. You know when the harvest is ready, they're all ready. Need a place to store your root vegetables so they'll be ready when you want them in the next few months? Store them in this root storage bin.

8. If you're more into DIY gifts this season, make your own gardeners hand scrub to give away to your gardening friends who like to get their hands dirty. Learn how.

9. Vegetables and soup go very well together. For the Love of Soup will take your soups to a whole other level.

10. These Japanese Okubo shears are the ultimate snipper - and they're so pretty.

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