$10 Lunch at Delhi Palace Cuisine of India

​Buffets can be hit or miss, and we've had far too many bland entrees overcooked under a heat lamp to claim the title of buffet buff. But one of our favorite lunch time destinations just happens to be a buffet that's finger lickin' good and easy on the wallet.

Delhi Palace Cuisine of India offers an $8.95 buffet lunch that has plenty of options for the vegetarian and the carnivore alike. Plus, everything on the menu is very mild, so even the picky coworkers in your lunch crew can dig in to tasty tandoori chicken and flavorful curries.

The lunch buffet is on from 11 am to 2:30 pm, and despite being a stone's throw from ASU, there's really no bad time to go. Delhi Palace manages to efficiently turn over crowds of students and Tempe professionals alike, packing 'em with curry and sending 'em back to the fluorescent cube farms and lecture halls.

​Upon entering, wait to be seated, place your drink order (which we admit may put you over the $10 limit), and hit the buffet. The offerings are fairly standard: half meat, half veg, and a whole lot of add-ons like pakoras and chutneys. You can expect to see chicken tikka masala (tomato and butter stewed chicken), grilled tandoori chicken and onions, keema matar (minced, spiced lamb with peas), and some sort of lamb or goat curry. 

Erica O'Neil
Gulab jamun and other desserts from Delhi Palace.
The veggie curries change with a bit more frequency,  but you can usually count on lentils, spinach, potato, and cauliflower curries to round out the selection. Pop a couple veggie pakoras and samosas on your plate (taste great dipped in the curries!), and snag some pickled veggies, sweet chutneys, and cool raitas. 

​Bonus! The buffet also includes all the fresh naan you can nibble and plenty of spiced hot tea. Just save room for dessert. Snag a few gulab jamun (honey-soaked balls of goodness), a nibble of dense carrot-heavy cake, or a scoop of mango or rice pudding. Buffet never tasted so good.

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