$10 Lunch at Habanero's

Resolving to tighten the belt in 2012? Food-wise, this post won't help you much. But money-wise, yes. Here's a delicious, low-priced lunch option in North Scottsdale for Mexican food lovers.

Here's a hint: Check out Habanero's Mexican Grill's daily specials white board. On the day we visited, the special was a carnitas burrito -- served enchilada style with guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and lettuce. At $8.99 including a drink, the decision was easy. But don't get us wrong, you can find several other options under $10 on the regular menu. How about nachos for $6.99?

Let's talk burrito. They are normally quite large, and this one was no exception. With a plus: It was literally glazed with their homemade enchilada sauce that made it appear as though the tortilla came that way. (Although after taking one bite you could see that it was just the enchilada sauce that had soaked into the tortilla.) Still, this made for a very pretty presentation!

The carnitas inside was juicy, with a little bit of crispness. The flavor of the pork begat its slow roasted seasoning and caramelization from the meat. Guacamole and pico de gallo inside added creaminess and an extra fresh crunch that complemented the carnitas very well.

Best of all, the portion was so large, we could have made this a $5 lunch -- but why do that when you can take home leftovers?

In any case, we'll be back, Habanero's.

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