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$10 Lunch at Yo Pauly

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During my first visit here, many months ago, one of the first things Pauly said to us as we entered his charming restaurant with a thick Brooklyn accent was, "Hey, if you need something just holler, 'Yo Pauly!'"

He meant it.

Everyone is greeted warmly at Yo Pauly's New York Pizza Co. and if the pizza doesn't bring you back to this Scottsdale shop, the camaraderie will. Or, it might be the lunch specials. Think you can find a better pizza deal for lunch under $10? Fuhgedda 'boud it.

As I said earlier, Pauly himself parks himself in front of the cash register, greeting every customer and taking orders -- and at the same time giving orders to his kitchen staff through the window.

I've been to a New York pizzeria once and I remember me, a quiet Midwestern girl, being taken aback by the boldness of the staff yelling, "Hey, what do you want?" Here it's toned down a little combined with Pauly's wittiness and lighthearted spirit. If you sit inside, listen to Pauly's banter with the customers.

It is entertaining and will leave you chuckling. The New York feel continues throughout the interior with the Brooklyn Bridge painted on the wall. Lights are strewn across the restaurant mimicking the lights on the Brooklyn Bridge with a pair of shoes dangling for an added touch. If you haven't guessed it by this time, New York style pizza is what they're known for. However, pizza is not the only option on the lunch specials.

It's not listed on the printed menu, but on the window case displaying the pizza choices to choose from it is written '6 wings and 1 piece of pizza...$7.99.' My eyes lit up. Pizza and wings?! Another option also not written on the menu was spaghetti with meatballs and garlic knots for $6.95. There is much to choose from; among the list are 1 slice of pizza and a choice of salad or garlic knots. Everything includes a fountain drink and with that kind of price it's almost unbeatable.

My choice was easy. He had me at pizza and wings. For the pizza I tried Ziggy's special and the first thing you'll notice is how the crust feels in your hands as you pick up the slice. Light in color, but crispy to the touch. True to its feel its crunchiness outside and doughy inside will have your mouth clamoring for more. The sauce is simple, leaving the toppings of the pizza and the great crust speak for itself. We also tried they're White Stone Pizza. This slice had a lot more flavor, with the garlic hitting you right away. The creamy ricotta cheese melted together with the spinach and the only thing I felt that it needed was a little more salt. Overall, the pizza was a success!

The wings had a wonderful buffalo sauce. It had a tinge of spiciness that was not overdone, but you could still feel it lingering in your mouth after you've tasted it. Combined with the good flavor, it had a decent balance of vinegar. So far, I was impressed! The only thing I was looking for was the crispy exterior that would have made this one of the best wings in town. But, if that's not a criterion for you, then you'll be very satisfied with these wings.

With these lunch specials running every Monday thru Friday 11 am to 2 pm it ends up being a no brainer. A great lunch without a hefty sticker tag is an amazing deal. Yo Pauly, we'll be back for more!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.