10 More Cult Restaurants in Metro Phoenix: Readers Choice

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El Pollo Supremo There once was a time not too long ago that we would scrounge around our cars for loose change to scrape together enough for lunch and that's when El Pollo Supremo was really there for us. The missable Tempe restaurant located near Buffalo Exchange and Cartel Coffee Lab serves up dirt cheap a la carte and combo plate Mexican food, which means you can order as much or as little as your budget allows. You can smell the bright red chicken roasting anywhere within a block or so radius of the restaurant, and that chicken needs little more than the homemade salsa, pickled onions, beans, and tortillas that accompany it on a combo plate to make it great. Even with a little more money in our wallets, El Pollo Supremo is still worth visiting whenever we're nearby and hungry.

Red Devil This place has been serving up pizza since even our most senior staff members were babies. Really. And it hasn't changed one bit and that's just fine with us. Giant plates of pasta and classic pizzas fill the menu in this dimly-lit, red-boothed Italian joint. Nothing fancy, just good food and great memories.

Rito's Mexican Food There are green chili burritos, and then there are Rito's green chili burritos. Served enchilada style with red sauce, they may be the best in town. (The green chili burrito enchilada style with green sauce is pretty great, too.) Equally stunning chimichangas and cheese enchiladas are always waiting at this local favorite, where discerning fans of Mexican food head for both lunch and dinner. Don't miss the piled-high tostadas, served on crispy house-made corn tortillas. Some of the tastiest side salsa for miles around will have you calling for "More chips!" and one of several bottled cervezas served here.

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