10 Things in New York City the Phoenix Food Scene Will Never Have

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Fresh Mango on the Street This is the city of ultimate convenience. There's plenty of food for passersby in New York to snag on the street: bagels and coffee in the morning, hot dogs and roasted nuts in the afternoon, and skewers of grilled meats for a snack anytime. There also are food vendors in the subway with candy bars and homemade churros. But the most unique of these offerings is perfectly ripe mango cut up at a little table right on the street to grab on the go. This is infinitely better than the fruit salad in the grocery store. The fresh-cut pieces are usually packaged in convenient plastic containers, and there's chili sauce on hand in case you're craving a savory kick.

More than One South African Restaurant This can be said about cuisine from every corner of the Earth. New York City has at least five restaurants that specialize specifically in South African cuisine, featuring dishes like kappse vis parcel (deep-fried hake fish and calamari) and ribbetjies (char-grilled pork ribs with spinach, truffle-coconut polenta, and rooibos-chocolate glaze). Other hard-to-find global flavors available in NY include Serbian, Danish, and Barbadian. You name it, you can probably find it -- something that definitely can't be said about Phoenix.

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Dominique Chatterjee