10 Things in New York City the Phoenix Food Scene Will Never Have

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Smorgasburg In addition to the regular farmers markets, street vendors all over the city, and indoor food wonderlands like Chelsea Market, Brooklyn hosts an unmatched meeting of food lovers every weekend from April to November. This Brooklyn Flea Food Market, held in Williamsburg on Saturday and DUMBO on Sunday, regularly has 75 to 100 vendors, many of whom sell artisanal ingredients and dishes that can't be found anywhere else. Favorites include BeeHive Oven's fried chicken biscuit sandwiches with yellow squash pickles and honey mustard sauce, Liddabit Sweets' finely executed confections like banana bread caramels, Lumpia Shack's Filipino-inspired spring rolls in flavors like chicken adobo and Peking duck, and -- now that the original storefront is closed -- award-winning Kyotofu's inventive Japanese desserts.

So Many Celeb Chefs That You Can't Throw a Spatula Without Smacking One in the Face New York City has such an impressive restaurant scene that it has its own Best Chef category for the James Beard Awards, and there are too many big names and rising stars running restaurants to count. This might sound annoying at first, but what it really means is recognition for chefs that the entire Southwest region just can't offer. Even those who don't read cookbooks for fun, invent their own recipes at home, and follow restaurant menu changes more closely than politics support local eats and know a thing or two about food fads (like Dominique Ansel's newest creation, the cronut).

Crazy Good Delivery New York might be best known for pizza, but when city dwellers order in for lunch or dinner, that's rarely what they choose. Why would they with numerous global fusion menus, gourmet sandwicheries, and authentic ethnic restaurants (including, of course, Chinese) from which to choose? Thanks to the Internet, delivery has become even easier and more convenient, thanks to websites like Seamless and GrubHub. In my 'hood, there are more than 100 restaurants -- and it regularly takes me an hour to figure out what I want -- such as my favorites Arepera Guacuco (Venezuelan), Chimu Express (Peruvian), and Bon Spice Café (with dishes like Japanese fried chicken and waffles and bulgogi omelets).

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