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10 Tips for Gluten Free Pie Baking (and a Recipe for Gluten Free Pumpkin Meringue Pie)

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Tips for Successful Gluten Free Pie Baking

1. Read any new recipe the entire way through before beginning. Make sure you have all the ingredients on hand, as well as any specialized kitchen tools required, before jumping in.

2. Invest in a kitchen scale. Baking by weight, and not volume, allows for increased precision and standardized quality each and every time you bake the same recipe. Added bonus? You won't dirty, and then have to clean, all those different measuring cups. (The following recipe is given in both volumetric and weight quantities.)

3. Most gluten free recipes call for a mixture of at least several different flours. From nut and grain flours to tapioca and potato starches, most recipes are tailored to the specific flours included in the recipe, and for good reason. In general, you need a minimum of three flours or starches to replace regular all-purpose flour: one for body, one for texture, and one for taste.

4. An all-purpose gluten free flour blend may sometimes be substituted for the sum of individual flours, but be cautioned that the final result may result in a different flavor or texture (especially if your all-purpose blend contains gums or leveners). If you do choose to buy a pre-packaged gluten free flour blend for pastry purposes, avoid any blend containing bean flours. These are best used in savory applications.

5. Oat flour is a great high fiber whole grain gluten free flour alternative but be careful as not all oat flours are certified gluten free. If baking for someone with a severe gluten allergy or who has Celiac disease, a certified gluten free oat flour is recommended.

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