10 Top Picks for Arizona Restaurant Week, Fall 2014

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Rancho Pinot Three courses, $44

Though Rancho Pinot has been around for decades, this is the first time the restaurant has participated in Arizona Restaurant Week. That means this is the first time you can head to the iconic Arizona dining spot for a taste of chef Chrysa Robertson's rustic, comfort food at a discounted price. For Restaurant Week, Rancho Pinot will offer three courses with three options per course. We recommend the well-loved ricotta gnocchi to start, followed by the famous Nonni's Sunday Chicken as an entrée.

Posh Four courses, $44

Chef Josh Hebert told us once that he never does fewer than four courses, which is why your $44 stretches extra far at this Scottsdale restaurant Posh. During Restaurant Week, you'll get four courses of improvisational cuisine (as in, he makes up each dish based on his diners' likes and dislikes), but if you want more, you can also upgrade to the five-, six-, or seven-course options, all of which will be discounted as well. Either way, rest assured the chef and his team are going to treat you to a one-of-a-kind meal catered specifically toward your personal preferences.

Crudo Four courses with a cocktail, $44

Though Crudo always offers four courses for $45 (as well as a three-course option for $35), during Restaurant Week the restaurant also is giving diners a cocktail for their $44. Technically, then, the Restaurant Week menu is a slightly better deal, but it also comes with restricted choices -- for a first-time diner, we figure it's still a great deal. There are several favorites on the menu such as albacore crudo with buttermilk, black garlic, chive, and saba; ricotta with walnut pesto, and honey; and squid ink risotto. Just be sure to save room for chef Cullen Campbell's bread pudding, which is always a memorable way to end your gastronomical journey.

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