10 Weirdest Pizzas in the U.S.

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Osso Pizza with Bone Marrow from flour + water

San Francisco is known for its back-to-roots food scene, and this pizza is a perfect representation of that philosophy. The Osso pizza starts with a chewy, yeasty crust; then it's topped with roasted bone marrow and a mix of other fresh ingredients like fontina, broccoli rabe, and grated horseradish. As expected, the special ingredient makes this an extremely rich pizza, and the slightly sweet, buttery marrow is a great complement for the lightly charred crust.

Pizza Cake from Boston Pizza

This odd mash-up of savory pizza pie and presumably sweet vanilla cake isn't actually available - yet. But Boston Pizza is crowdfunding their latest innovations,including now-on-the-menu items like Pizza Tacos, Pizzaburger Sliders, and Sriracha Chicken Pizza. If you want to taste this Pizza Cake creation, vote now at the Pizza Game Changers website, where you can also check out unbelievable (and like un-makeable) concepts like a gas-powered pizza cutter and pizza car fresheners.

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Dominique Chatterjee