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11 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Earned a "D" from the County Health Department in December 2015

As the year came to an end, almost a dozen restaurants in the metro Phoenix area received a failing grade on county health inspections. From cans of non-refrigerated condensed milk to plain old dirty kitchens, these restaurant infractions might have you thinking twice before dining out. 

Here are the 11 metro Phoenix restaurants that received a "D" on county health inspections last month. 

Greenmix, Phoenix (3961 East Chandler Boulevard, Suite 100)

"Observed raw sewage backing up in three compartment sink and three floor drains in the kitchen. Two of the floor drains are by the three compartment sink and one is under the prep sink. Person in charge called plumber at time of inspection and establishment was posted closed."

Lifewell Behavioral Wellness Clinic, Phoenix (40 East Mitchell Drive) 

"Raw ground beef was stored on top of ready-to-eat (RTE) fruits and vegetables in the reach-in refrigerator. Person in charge moved ground beef to lower shelf and separated food properly at time of inspection."

Kindercare, Scottsdale (10409 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road)

"Observed dried debris inside the microwave and on the counters near the can opener. Instructed manager to clean at time. Please clean at a frequency to prevent accumulation."

Jogoya Sushi Seafood Buffet, Chandler (2100 South Gilbert Road, Suite 1)

"Heavily soiled single use plastic container being used in the bulk flour bin - worker discarded container at time. Use approved handled scoops/utensils for dispensing flour."

Zella's Pizza & Cheesesteaks, Gilbert (1464 East Williams Field Road, Suite 108)

"Pizza circular knives are not being cleaned every four hours - worker routed two knives for cleaning at time. Wash, rinse, and sanitize the pizza knives every four hours from initial use."

Denny's, Apache Junction (10623 East Apache Trail) 

"Observed two separate employees crack shell eggs then go to handle ready to eat foods/clean equipment without washing hands. Employees were asked to wash hands and did so. "

Shane's Rib Shack, Glendale (9404 West Westgate Boulevard, Suite C101)

"Microwave was observed with the accumulation of dried food residues not conducive of one day's activity. These surfaces must be cleaned every 24 hours."

Set Free Baptist Fellowship, Phoenix (1034 North 24th Street) 

"Containers of ready-to-eat food items such as chicken, turkey, stuffing, spaghetti noodles, shrimp, and mashed potatoes were observed in the reach-in refrigerator and walk-in cooler without date marking. Per person in charge (PIC), the item was cooked, prepared, or donated within the last three days. Food items were properly date marked by PIC at time of inspection."

Pedritos Mexican Food No. 2, Mesa (311 West Main Street) 

"Can of condensed milk sitting open out on shelf at 60 F. since am with label that reads refrigerate after opening. Milk embargoed."

Rosati's, Mesa (1309 North Greenfield Road) 

"Some of the pizza slicer, cutting knives and food pans observed having organic debris. Notified manager on duty. Manager stated that employee training on proper food contact cleaning and sanitizing will be provided."

Filiberto's, Phoenix (4201 North 7th Avenue) 

"Large (deeper than 6 inches) container of cooked diced chicken was covered in reach-in refrigerator. Item was at 54 degrees and was just cut. PIC moved chicken to shallower containers (4 inches) and moved items back into refrigeration uncovered until they reach 41 degrees or below."
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Lily Altavena