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12 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" From the County Health Department in April

Everyone loves a classic chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, right? Well, probably not if that sandwich comes from a restaurant that failed to pass its county health inspection. But one of our Valley locations of the fast food chain is far from the only spot in town that needs to do a little cleaning up. On last month's list of dirty restaurants you'll find infractions that range from easily correctable infractions to bug infestations that might have you thinking twice about dining out.

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Chick-fil-A, Surprise (13725 W. Bell Road)

"Observed multiple stainless steel containers and a tomato slicer sitting on the clean racking stacked wet and with visible food residue still affixed to the surface."

Yogurt Time Hangout, Phoenix (1 E Washington Street, #180)

"During the time of the inspection there were single use bowls and powdered yogurt sitting on the floor in the back room. Ensure items are lifted off floor to prevent cross contamination."

Circle K Store, Phoenix (7440 S. 7th Avenue)

"The inside of the soda nozzles had a large accumulation of organic matter. Soda nozzles should be washed, rinsed, and sanitized on a more frequent basis to prevent the accumulation of organic matter."

Vaqueros Carne Asada, Phoenix

"Four containers of menudo and a couple of containers of salsa were found without a date mark in the walk in cooler. Person in charge indicated that items had been prepared over 24 hours prior to inspection."

Rivas Mexican Food, Surprise

"Observed 2 large, plastic bags of raw beef sitting directly on the fresh cilantro (ready-to-eat) in the the walk-in cooler."

The Panini People, food truck

"Employee put bag of bread in the garbage and moved bag of bread and then grabbed a package of food without washing hands first."

Scott's Generations, Phoenix

"Observed about 20 German cockroaches under the three compartment sink."

Hooper's, Glendale

"Observed in reach-in cooler a package of turkey/ham had turned brown and was spoiled, and in walk-in cooler observed a package of small sweet peppers with mold and spoilage."

The Benchwarmer, Glendale

"Observed front door open, please keep doors closed to prevent entrance of insects and rodents."

Filiberto's, Phoenix (1402 E. Chandler Boulevard)

"The soda fountain by the drive through was heavily acculated [sic] with dried soda and debris and an ant was observed on one of the nozzles."

Carniceria La Piedad, Phoenix

"Splash guard of ice machine had black growth in the middle, with pink growth on the edges."

Rinconsito DF Mexican Food, Phoenix

"Upon inspection, a plastic container of different sized raw eggs was found in the stand up cooler nearest the front of the kitchen. Manager stated that the eggs were from his own chickens from his house... Food shall be obtained from sources that comply with law. Food prepared in a private home may not be used or offered for human consumption in a food establishment."

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