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13 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Earned a 'D' from the County Health Department in October

Oh, repeat offenders. This month marks the fourth time in two years Los Rubios in Gilbert appears on our "D" list for health inspection violations. It's also the second time this year that Samarkand Restaurant in Phoenix appeared on the list. From gray debris to gloves, this month's violations run the gamut. 

Check out the list before you head out for lunch. 

Royal Jasmine Cafe, Goodyear (14970 West Indian School Road, Suite 200)

"A employee wearing gloves handled raw chicken and placed it in the microwave to cook, then stripped off the gloves and donned new gloves without first washing their hands. The employee was instructed to discard the gloves, wash their hands, and then don new gloves."

Asadero Norte De Sonora, Phoenix (122 North 16th Street)

"Gray water and food debris was flowing out of the end of a disconnected drain pipe through a strainer and into a gray basin. The hand sink and the three compartment sink are directly connected to the sewer line while the prep sink was connected through an air gap into this system."

Juliobertos, Phoenix (2237 East Indian School Road)

"Observed raw packaged chorizo and unpackaged pork and tripe laying in a pan of raw chicken with blood and raw juice in pan. All products were separated and placed in individual pans properly."

IHOP, Phoenix (5020 East Ray Road)

"Cooling Blanched bacon was sitting out in a pan at 7:50PM. The bacon was at 89°F. Discussion with the person in stated that it had been blanched to be cooled at 6PM but had never been put under refrigeration. The bacon was discarded."

Sonic Drive-In, Mesa (2935 South Dobson Road)

"Employee wearing gloves touched handle to walk-in that had just been touched by deliveryman who had not washed his hands, then touched ready to eat lettuce with out changing gloves. Employee handling dirty dishes and cleaning handled clean dishes without washing hands."

Fry's Food Store, Glendale (5771 West Thunderbird Road)

"Several plastic bags of opened meat chubs with datemarking that had exceeded 7 days. Per manager, once old chubs are expired or used, same plastic bags are being re-used for new opened chubs of meat. Instructed manager not to re-use plastic bags to prevent the potential for contamination."

Circle K Store, Phoenix (12042 North 32nd Street)

"Four employees unable to demonstrate knowledge of the symptoms and diseases associated with food borne illnesses. Provided Maricopa County handout to establishment at time of inspection."

Los Rubios, Gilbert (2473 South Higley Road Suite 103)

"Small roaches found behind prep table and by plumbing areas under prep sink and handwashing sink. Person in charge provided pest control invoices. The premises must be maintained free of insects, rodents, and other pests."

Samarkand Restaurant, Phoenix (7823 North 19th Avenue) 

"The inspector observed many food products stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler, such as vegetables and fruit. Inspector explained to the person in charge that food needs to be stored at least 6 inches above the floor in a clean and dry location."

Wendy's, Phoenix (2500 North 75th Avenue)

"During the time of the inspection the grill employee was seen handling raw meet [sic], lifting fries when the time went off, stirring chili, drabbing [sic] a pitch of water without washing his hands. The employee was instructed to wash his hands and all items were washed and sanitized."

AAA Food Store, Phoenix (1042 North 51st Avenue)

"There is a small gas can with gas that is used for the power washer stored on top of the ice machine. Instructed person in charge to move gas can and reviewed proper storage requirements for toxic items."

Filiberto's, Laveen (5220 West Baseline Road)

"Fry baskets, and spatula were being stored on a grease soaked piece of cardboard. Discard card board and store utensils in a manner to prevent contamination."

Waffle House, Guadalupe (1801 West Baseline Road)

"Observed cracked egg on the floor in the back and organic debris on floors and under equipment. Please clean at a frequency to prevent build up."
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