13 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored A 'D' From the County Health Department in April 2016

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Another month of county health inspections are in the books, and we have just one question for restaurant employees across metro Phoenix: Why aren't you washing your hands? Okay, so not all restaurants are violating the cardinal rule of keeping hands clean while preparing food. But we have to admit, some of April's violations have us worried. 

Read through this list before you make lunch plans: 

Bangkok Thai Bar B Q, Glendale (13828 North 51st Avenue)

"Heavy dried blood and raw meat debris on floor under shelving in walk-in cooler. Accumulation of grease and dust debris on hoods. Accumulation of food debris and fuzzy material on shelving in reach-in cold holding unit on prep line."

Squid Ink of CityScape, Phoenix (2 East Jefferson Street Suite 108)

"In walk-in refrigerator raw ground beef patties were being stored above raw craw. In reach in refrigerator on sushi-make line raw caviar was being stored over vegetables and raw salmon was being stored over seaweed salad and cucumber sauce. PIC re-arranged so cross contamination would not occur."

Al's Gyros, Glendale (5932 West Bell Road Suite D109) 

"Container of cooked sliced gyro meat did not have datemarking. Per person in charge, meat shaved 2 days prior to inspection. Discussed datemarking parameters. Food datemarked at time of inspection."

AAA Food Store, Phoenix (1042 North 51st Avenue)

"There is a bottle of pine cleaner stored on top of the ice machine. Instructed person in charge to move cleaner and reviewed proper storage requirements for toxic items. Second consecutive violation."

Osaka Japan, Phoenix (4568 East Cactus Road Space 104)

"One working thermometer in establishment not properly calibrated. Unable to calibrate thermometer. Manager will purchase new thermometers."

Subway, Chandler (3111 West Chandler Boulevard)

"A male staff just come on board for the shift was observed skipping hand washing practice went directly to put gloves on — addressed violation at time — staff was observed performing hand washing upon inspection."

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Laveen (5210 West Baseline Road)

"The employee placed lemons on the side of the drink cup with her bare hands. The PIC spoke with employee about bare hand contact with ready to eat foods."

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Phoenix (2547 North 44th Street)

"Employee observed cutting/prepping jalapenos for jalapeno salad dressing with bare hands. Employee was asked to discard all ready to eat food that was handled with bare hands-see embargo form. Ensure that employees are limiting contamination of ready to eat foods by wearing gloves or by other approved methods."

Dennys, Phoenix (3456 West Bethany Home Road)

"Chicken cooked to 107-161F. Manager re-cooked chicken to proper temp. Ensure that raw animal foods are cooked to proper minimum temperatures."

IHOP, Phoenix (2501 North 44th Street)

"Employee on cook line picked plate up off of the floor then went to handle clean equipment/food items without changing gloves and washing hands. Second employee working on cook line handled raw beef then went to handle clean equipment/food items without changing gloves and washing hands. A third employee on cook line cracked raw shell eggs then went to handle clean equipment/food items without changing gloves and washing hands. All employees were asked to wash hands when changing tasks."

Zaytoon Kabob Bistro, Phoenix (4757 East Greenway Road Suite 104)

"Floors under shelving units and along all cove base with accumulation of grease and food debris. Maintain clean."

Taco Mich, Phoenix (2731 West Camelback Road)

"Plastic container of peeled raw shrimp (covered only with plastic wrap) sitting atop 2 lidded-plastic tubs of shredded cheese. Potentially hazardous "TCS" raw animal products must be stored separate and segregated from "ready-to-eat" foods to best avoid cross contamination."

Jb's Family Restaurant, Mesa (6810 East Main Street)

"Observed employee place re-heated brown gravy in a hot holding unit at 137-160F. Informed employee that the gravy needed to be re-heated to 165F due to that is was being re-heated from previously hot holding at 106F for less than two hours. Employee re-heated to 165F."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.