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13 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" from the County Health Department in March

Last month more than a dozen local restaurants -- everything from supermarkets to small, independent spots to restaurants that are part of giant, national chains -- failed to pass county health department inspections. And if we had to pick out a trend among the offending spots, it would be a lack of knowledge. Several of the restaurants that make this month's list of failing restaurants received a "D" grade in part because employees and, at times, management failed to demonstrate knowledge about food safety practices. In any case, be sure to check this list before you head out for another meal.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Phoenix (4622 E. Cactus Road)

"At rice station on magnetic knife holder, several knives with food debris on blades. Per manager, knives were stored clean. Knives were moved to be re-washed, rinsed, and sanitized."

Sainz Mexican Restaurant, Phoenix

"Cook was observed touching cut tomatoes and bread (ready to eat food) with his bare hands."

Fry's Marketplace, Phoenix (4707 E. Shea Blvd.)

"In bistro walk in cooler, pork/45.7*F and rib eye/46.5*F out of internal temperatures. Per employee, pork and rib eye were in cooler from the previous day. Manager discarded pork and rib eye."

Tortas Paquime, Phoenix

"Observed employee wash and rinse a blender without first sanitizing it before she went to use it."

McDonald's, Phoenix (8001 E. Indian School Road)

"Observed employee wearing gloves touching face, glasses, and hair and tucking in back of shirt and not discarding gloves and re-washing hands."

Joey's of Chicago, Surprise

"Establishment did not demonstrate knowledge for the following reasons: 1) Observed 3 Priority violations, and 4 Priority Foundation violations for this inspection. 2) Person in charge and certified food manager did not know the proper concentration for Quat sanitizer solution. 3) Person in charge and certified food manager did not know the proper cooking temperatures for raw ground beef."

Springfield Golf Resort, Chandler

"Cook observed handling hot dog bun and topping hot dog with chopped onions with bare hands - trained worker at time on the requirement to eliminate bare hand contact and the public health reasons."

Birrieria Obregon, Phoenix

"Employee was observed draining cooked shrimp liquid into the floor drain, dropping some shrimp on the ground, picking up the shrimp and placing it back into the basket with other cooked shrimp."

Streets Of New York, Surprise

"The following food contact surfaces stored as clean on the clean racks with visible food debris still affixed to the surface as well as stickers still partially affixed from date-marking: Large and small stainless steel containers and plastic containers, various scoops and utensils."

Jimmy Johns, Phoenix (4718 E. Cactus Road)

"During inspection and shown by the violations written in report, person in charge/ manager unable to demonstrate knowledge of food borne practices. Person in charge does not have a food manager certification."

Pedros, Glendale

"Employee was seen washing, rinsing, and sanitizing food equipment at time of inspection. Upon checking mechanical warewashing equipment, it was found concentrated at 0 ppm chlorine."

Good China Chinese Restaurant, Phoenix

"Beef and cooked chicken are sitting on the cook line with internal temperatures of 82° F, and 90° F respectively. Discussed with person in charge that cooked food items if being hot held must be kept with an internal temperature at or above 135° F."

Jersey Mike's, Phoenix (4603 E. Cactus Road)

"In back prep area, slicer with accumulation of food residue on blades and nonfood contact surfaces. Per manager, unknown time of when slicer was last used. Employee washed, rinsed, and sanitized slicer."

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