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13 Restaurants Scored a "D" From the County Health Department in June

We hate to break it to the Valley's carne asada fry aficionados, but Filiberto's Camelback location scored a "D" during an inspection in June. And so did 12 other dining spots in metro Phoenix.  

Birria Y Mariscos Sin Son Nay, Phoenix (2822 W. Van Buren Street)

“More than 5+ live flies seen throughout the kitchen. The top of the make table has been removed at the cook line. Flies were seen flying onto food. Food that the flies made contact with were discarded.”

Golden Dragon, Glendale (5920 W. Greenway Road)

“Observed a live cockroach by the mop sink as well as a number of dead cock roaches in the dry storage area. Request pest control treatment from licensed pest control provider and keep invoice on site for inspector review during reinspection within 10 days. Have dead cockroaches removed.”

Pizza Heaven, Phoenix (5150 N. 7th Street)

“Observed three un-labeled spray bottles. Person in charge labeled bottles at time of inspection. Working containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material.”

Papa Joe's Fish-N-Que, Phoenix (2019 W. Bethany Home Road)

“Observed grease on walls, floor, and equipment. Person in charge informed inspector that it would be cleaned over the weekend. Maintain and clean as frequently as necessary.”

Filiberto’s Mexican Food, Phoenix (2320 W. Camelback Road)

“Observed raw pork over fries in prep cooler. Had person in charge move raw pork to bottom shelf.”

Mount Vista Medical Center, Mesa (1301 S. Crismon Road)

“During the time of the inspection the employee handled dirty dishes and pulled a clean tray from the dish machine without washing his hands. Spoke with the PIC [person in charge] and employee about when to wash.”

Progressive Insurance Employee Café, Phoenix (4550 S. 44th Place)

“Observed open package of deli turkey and open package of hot dogs in walk-in without date-marking. Reviewed proper date-marking system…”

Esther Jamaican Food, Glendale (5025 W. Olive Avenue)

“Utensils (knives ,forks, spoons) stored as clean in plastic container on the shelf across from the prep table were found with dried organic debris. There were food debris in the container. Informed person in charge that food equipment should be clean to sight and touch.”

Subway, Tempe (2700 W. Baseline Road)

“The ambient temperature of the walk in cooler is 54'F. Manager called for service at time of inspection. Do not use to hold potentially hazardous food until unit is functioning at 41'F or less.”

Taqueria Guadalupana (Food Truck)

“Food preparation in mobile food unit is not simplified to reduce excessive steps where food may become contaminated. Unit is cooling cooked foods on the mobile unit. Not allowed to cool cooked foods from a mobile food unit.”

Ralph’s Snack Bar No. 839 (Food Truck)

“Nicks in the cutting board

Sushi on 7th, Phoenix (2237 N. 7th Street)

“Three metal containers of frozen fish and unidentified meat product were stored uncovered and with extensive freezer burn in the walk in freezer. Instructed person in charge to discard product.”

Dara Thai Café, Anthem (3655 W Anthem Way)


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