14 Ways to Get Your Phoenix Valentine's Day Chocolate Fix

Chocolate and Valentine's Day go together like eggs and bacon, or cookie and milk, or cookies and bacon, or bacon and bacon .....mmmmm bacon.

Oh wait, we were talking about chocolate.

Anyhow, chocolate and Valentine's Day go hand in hand. A Valentine's Day without chocolate would just be another holiday that doesn't come with a day off like Flag Day or Fortune Cookie Day. It would pretty much suck.

Don't let your V-Day suck. Check out these local Phoenix spots for your Valentine's Day chocolate fix.

14. Vegan Chocolate Truffles, Nami -- Our favorite vegan coffee shop has put together a special box of six classic chocolate truffles topped with organic edible flowers just for Valentine's Day. Strawberry cream, rocky road, and pistachio cream. Call 602-258-6264 to place your order.

13. Mexican Hot Chocolate Paleta, Paletas Betty -- This chocolate popsicle with just a hint of cinnamon has the ability to spicy things up and cool things down all at the same time! A must try for any chocolate lover.

12. Cherry Chocolate Cupcake, 21 Cakes -- Special for the month of February, 21 Cakes is featuring their signature chocolate cupcakes topped with a cherry butter cream frosting.

11. Sweetheart Cookies, Tammie Coe -- If you or your Valentine is a fan of TC's sour cream sugar cookies then  you need to snag a pack of the Sweetheart Cookies. Lurking among the pink hearts is a chocolate-y surprise (think red velvet cookies). Pick up a three pack for $5 or a box of 'em for $26. And while you're picking up cookies, snag a loaf of MJ's Cherry Chocolate Bread. Pair it up with our number one pick and you've got yourself a tasty V-Day breakfast!

10. White Chocolate Ale, Sonoran Brewing -- We don't know how they do it but Sonoran has managed to turn chocolate into beer ((okay we do and it has nothing to do with chocolate -- but that's for another post later). Pick up a bottle at your local Whole Foods.

9. The Chocolate Tower, Christopher's -- Even if you have dinner plans elsewhere, you need to stop by Christopher's for this impressive dessert. Chocolate lattice wraps around a white chocolate column filled with espresso mousse and topped with berries. Chocolate heaven.

8. All Chocolate Dinner, Cask 63 -- If you haven't made dinner plans, Cask 63 is cooking up a four-course chocolate inspired feast paired with boozy chocolate cocktails. $65 ++ per person. Details here.

7. Chocolate Pedicure, Jurlique Spa at FireSky Resort -- Who says you have to eat the chocolate? Treat your feet to a chocolate scrub while enjoying a warm cup of hot cocoa and dark chocolate bits. $52 ++ per person. 480-945-7666 for reservations.

6. 16 Piece Organic Chocolate Gift Box, Wei of Chocolate -- What's better then flowers? A box of fair trade, organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dark chocolate that's what. Pick up a box of these uplifting treats at your local farmers market or order online at weiofchocolate.com.

5. Chocolate Cream Pie, Rock Springs -- Take a scenic drive to Black Canyon City for a slice of the landmark pie shop's classic chocolate cream pie. It could be a cheap yet memorable V-Day date.

4. Chocolate Olive Oil, Queen Creek Olive Mill -- use the unique oil in cakes, drizzle it on ice cream or over popcorn, or use it to liven up a chicken dish. The possibilities are endless! Pick up a bottle at your local AJ's, Whole Foods, or take a drive out to the Mill.

3. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, Honey Moon Sweets -- This chocolate triple take comes in three sizes -- individual ($3.95), 6' ($23), and 10" ($40) -- and is the perfect cake for chocolate and/or cheesecake lovers.

2. French Chocolate Macarons, Essence Bakery -- It's a fact (not really) that girls will drop everything in life (including their you know whats) for just one bite of Essence's divine French macarons. We're partial to the chocolate but the little Tempe cafe/bakery is also making a special batch of strawberry for the Valentine's Day season. Play it safe and grab one of each.

1. Chocolate Butter, Udder Delights -- Bovine's gift to man, butter, has now been made even better by the folks at Udder Delights. Spread it on toast or a slice of french bread for an a decadent chocolate snack or breakfast. You can eat chocolate for breakfast right? Pick up a tub at the tonight's indoor farmer's market at Superstition Farms in Mesa.

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