14 Ways to Get Your Phoenix Valentine's Day Chocolate Fix

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12. Cherry Chocolate Cupcake, 21 Cakes -- Special for the month of February, 21 Cakes is featuring their signature chocolate cupcakes topped with a cherry butter cream frosting.

11. Sweetheart Cookies, Tammie Coe -- If you or your Valentine is a fan of TC's sour cream sugar cookies then  you need to snag a pack of the Sweetheart Cookies. Lurking among the pink hearts is a chocolate-y surprise (think red velvet cookies). Pick up a three pack for $5 or a box of 'em for $26. And while you're picking up cookies, snag a loaf of MJ's Cherry Chocolate Bread. Pair it up with our number one pick and you've got yourself a tasty V-Day breakfast!

10. White Chocolate Ale, Sonoran Brewing -- We don't know how they do it but Sonoran has managed to turn chocolate into beer ((okay we do and it has nothing to do with chocolate -- but that's for another post later). Pick up a bottle at your local Whole Foods.

9. The Chocolate Tower, Christopher's -- Even if you have dinner plans elsewhere, you need to stop by Christopher's for this impressive dessert. Chocolate lattice wraps around a white chocolate column filled with espresso mousse and topped with berries. Chocolate heaven.

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