15 Metro Phoenix Restaurants for New Year's Eve Dinner and Drinks

Even if you're the type to stay home for St. Patrick's, Fourth of July, and Halloween, we bet you're feeling the pull to go out and party for New Year's Eve. Whether you want to indulge with food, booze, or both, these restaurants in the metro Phoenix area will satisfy your every urge.

Bink's Scottsdale & Midtown

The two newest restaurants from Chef Kevin Binkley are serving an extravagant six-course menu with seatings at 5 and 7 p.m. (Midtown $68 / Scottsdale $79). The final seating at 9 p.m. ($85 / $95) will receive a seventh course. The menus at the two locations differ but will both feature Oregon truffle risotto with leeks, mushrooms, bacon, and parmesan, as well as roasted apples with Iberico ham, Manchego, and fennel. Bink's Scottsdale will offer entrées of slow-cooked swordfish with olive and orange or seared beef tenderloin with French onion cream. The entrées at Bink's Midtown will be seared scallop with vanilla-curry couscous and braised beef short rib with crispy onions and creamed mushrooms. Chocolate torte will be served for dessert. Wine pairings are available for an additional fee. Book a table at Bink's Midtown by calling 602-388-4879. For reservations at the new Scottsdale location in Shops at Hilton Village, call 480-664-9238.

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Dominique Chatterjee