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$150 Daiquiri at The Breadfruit in Downtown Phoenix Makes CNN's List of America's Most Expensive Cocktails

For many of us, forking out $15 for a cocktail is enough to make us wince, but for those with ATMs in their kitchens and doormen for their luxury underground doomsday condos, pricey pours that add a Ben Franklin or two to the total are just another day at the bar.

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This month, CNN put together a list of the most expensive cocktails in America. From the meager $50 creation at New York's Trump Tower to the $1,000 mint julep served at the Kentucky Derby, these costly concoctions feature precious metals and rare and exquisite alcohols to justify their asking price.

One local cocktail that made the cut is the $150 daiquiri at The Breadfruit, the downtown restaurant of rum and Jamaican cuisine from Dwayne Allen and Daniele Leoni.

Here's what CNN had to say:

"The Daiquiri 1981 (The Breadfruit, Phoenix)

Price: $150

This decadent daiquiri was created just last year by Breadfruit co-owner Dwayne Allen to commemorate National Daiquiri Day (which is July 19, so mark your calendars).

The key ingredient is English Harbour 1981, a rare rum aged for a minimum of 25 years in old whiskey and bourbon barrels.

The still on which this rum was originally produced is gone, meaning English Harbour 1981 will eventually run out. Get it while you can in this drink, which also includes hand-squeezed key lime juice, demerara syrup and house-made cherry bitters."

To see the rest of the country's most expensive cocktails, go to the CNN website.

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