Filiberto's lands a D.EXPAND
Filiberto's lands a D.
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17 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' in April

Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation.

April 2018 was an ugly month for health inspections. After a strong few months, the run ended. A whopping 17 metro Phoenix restaurants landed on the country health inspector's D list last month. Ready-to-eat food was touched shortly after raw meat. A grimed up pizza cutter was used all day. A hand with a hospital bracelet still on and an open wound was used to prep lettuce. April's inspections brought some real carnage.

Filibertos Mexican Food (3033 East Indian School Road)
"When to Wash Observed line cook handling raw meat and then handle clean dishes that were to be used for cooked meat without disposing gloves and washing his hands. Line cook was instructed to dispose of gloves, wash his hands and wear new gloves."

Subway (4450 East McDowell Road, #115)
"Observed employee pick up strip of paper from the floor with gloves on, contact between glove and floor was observed, employee then handled ready to eat (RTE) bread roll without disposing gloves and washing hands. Employee was asked to wash hands and discard bread roll (see embargo form). Please ensure employees wash hands when necessary."

Pei Wei Fresh Kitchen (3426 East Baseline Road, #121, Mesa)
"Observed employee with hospital bracelet submerging gloved hands into water being used for rinsing lettuce and prepping lettuce for lettuce cups. When employee was asked about hospital bracelet employee stated that he had cut his fingers and was in the hospital and got stitches but stated that manager cleared him to come back to work. When employee removed gloves his fingers were visibly wrapped with hospital bandages and were visibly soaking wet. Instructed employee and PIC that fingers should have been cotted and gloved but should have been assigned another tasks where submerging of hands does not occur due to wounds on fingers."

Courtyard by Marriott (2621 South 47th Street)
"Strawberries in reach-in cooler nearest prep top cooler and also in the reach-in cooler nearest dry storage found with fuzzy white substance. PIC discarded strawberries. Please check food products for adulteration daily and discard appropriately."

Tortas Paquime (2541 East McDowell Road)
"Employee then handled Ready to Eat (RTE) quesadilla to place it on prep table without removing gloves and washing his hands. Employee was instructed to remove gloves and wash his hands properly."

Classic Cooking Academy (10411 East McDowell Mountain Ranch Road, Scottsdale)
"Employee sitting in office, enters kitchen, picks food off of floor, touched hair, then handled a cutting board to handle onions, then handled knife to cut onions without washing hands. Instructed employee to wash hands before handling any food contact surfaces."

Spoonz Express (215 North Seventh Street)
"Pizza cutter and tongs near pizza oven in back kitchen observed with food debris on them. PIC stated the utensils are cleaned every evening and the same pizza cutter is used all day."

Speedy Street Tacos (15 North 40th Street)
"Ice machine used for customer drinks observed with employee personal bottled beverages inside. PIC removed and discarded beverages, drained ice machine for cleaning, and purchased bagged ice from approved source to use for drinks until cleaning is completed on ice machine. Please ensure personal drinks are not stored in ice that is used in drinks."

Shell 3001 (3001 East Washington Street)
"Walk-in cooler with ambient temperature of 44-50*F. Milk products, eggs, and sour cream with internal temperatures between 48-52*F were found in the walk-in. PIC stated the products were placed in the cooler yesterday and discarded them. Please ensure cold held TCS food items are maintained at 41*F or below."

Pedritos Mexican Food (311 West Main Street, Mesa)
"Observed employee grab tortillas with bare hands, fill them with meat and then use bare hands to add cilantro. Employee was asked to wash hands and use gloves when directly touching ready to eat foods. Ready to eat food shall not be touched with bare hands."

Super Carniceria Y Pescaderia Los Alamos No 3 (1640 North 36th Street)
"Observed employee handle raw meat at the meat market counter and then proceed to handle cooked pork meat without washing hands."

Jewel's Bakery Cafe (4041 East Thomas Road, #101)
"Faucet Hand washing sink in the front dispatch area by ice tea dispensers does not have hot water available. Mixing valve needs repair, only cold water valve is operational. Instructed PIC and employee to ensure hand washing occurs at the other 2 sinks in the facility with functional mixing valves."

Eribertos (741 East Bell Road)
"Large container of cooked tongue found dated 4/10 discard date, PIC stated that it was made 3 days ago, had PIC label with correct date. Please ensure all TCS foods are date marked to be discarded after 7 days including the day they were opened or prepared."

Cindy's Arizona Food (124 East Mckellips Road, Mesa)
"Observed no accessible paper towels at front handwashing sink. PIC replaced them when brought to attention. Ensure handwashing sinks are stocked with paper towels at all times."

Vani Stores Inc (1602 East Bell Road)
"Tongs for hot dogs were visibly soiled, employee stated that they are cleaned once a day and were last cleaned this morning but was unsure. Had employee move tongs to warewashing area to be cleaned."

Jon's Water & Ice (785 West Warner Road Suite A113, Gilbert)
"Presence and Use Observed a can of insecticide in the front food service area on a shelf under register. PIC removed an placed in back office to take home."

Asadero Y Cocina El Matador (2803 East Broadway Road)
"Observed shelled eggs and raw pork above ready-to-eat food. PIC moved raw meats to the bottom shelf upon request."

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