18 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' on County Health Inspections in August 2016

As always, a handful of metro Phoenix restaurant just weren't up to snuff when it came to county health inspections last month. From a downtown Phoenix restaurant with live roaches to several restaurants where employees failed to follow proper hand-washing procedures, here are 18 local restaurants that earned a "D" on county health inspections last month. 

1130 The Restaurant, Phoenix (455 North Third Street)

"Observed several living roaches near dish area. PIC provided pest control receipt from the past two weeks. PIC will have pest control out to treat prior to re-inspection."

Domino's, Phoenix (2819 North Central Avenue)

"Employee came into establishment and went to handle pizza items and clean equipment without washing hands. Employee was asked to wash hands before handling food items and/or clean equipment."

Franagan's Cafe, Mesa (7145 East Main Street)

"Observed an open container of raw bacon in the reach-in cooler above cooked sausage and a bag of cooked hash browns sitting directly atop of raw fish in the two door upright cooler at the time of the inspection. Informed person in charge and employee that raw foods must be stored below ready to eat foods and directed away to prevent contamination."

No. 1 Eastern Super Buffet, Mesa (1901 South Signal Butte Road)

"Slime mold found forming on the ice maker baffle behind the Mongolian grill service counter - wash, rinse, and sanitize the interior surfaces of the ice maker."

Tao Garden, Chandler (2050 North Alma School Road)

"Observed employee put cooked ready to eat noodles in bowl for service and some noodles landed on bare hand out side of bowl and were pushed into the bowl for service. Employee had just handled un-sanitized meat cleaver that was observed to be used to chop raw beef."

Kahala Coffee Trader, Phoenix (301 West Jefferson Street)

"Multiple items available for grab and go did not have proper labels. Items included various salads and sandwiches. Provide labels that state processor name, address or phone number, and ingredients."

Maricopa Skill Center, Phoenix (1245 East Buckeye Road)

"This establishment had priority violations and there is no certified food manager. Certified food manager card expired in 2010. Please ensure to obtain food manager card within the next 90 days."

Victory Place Cafe, Phoenix (850 East Jones Avenue)

"Observed employee come into kitchen after being outside and touching his earphones and start rinsing dishes. Employee washed their hands. Please ensure to wash hands when entering kitchen from outdoors."

Los Cerritos Mexican Food, Phoenix (4001 East Indian School Road)

"Observed multiple green bell peppers in the walk in cooler with a substance that resembles mold on them. Bell peppers were discarded."

Hyatt Place Hotel, Chandler (3535 West Chandler Boulevard)

"Observed female staff at the coffee bar cleaned off the dirty plates returned from customer went on providing ice to customer without practicing hand washing as health code required—addressed violation at the time."

Pei Wei Fresh Kitchen, Phoenix (742 East Glendale Avenue)

"On prep line, employee cutting raw fish then handled ready to eat salad items for customer with same gloved hands without washing hands. Instructed employee to discard ready to eat salad and wash hands after handling raw foods and before handling ready to eat foods."

Abuelo's Mexican Embassy, Chandler (3440 West Chandler Boulevard)

"Floor under equipment at bar and back kitchen area observed not thoroughly clean — build up noted on hard to reach corners of floor."

Safeway, Phoenix (810 East Glendale Avenue)

"In dry storage room, bags of flour, single service bowls stored directly on ground. Instructed employee to store food items and single service items at least 6 inches off of ground."

IHOP, Phoenix (2501 North 44th Street)

"Manager was unsure of how long eggs had been in make line area and discarded-see embargo form. Manager stated that blue cheese was recently placed into unit and relocated to walk in cooler."

Denny's, Gilbert (3971 South Gilbert Road)

"No hot water coming out through faucets in establishment. Highest determined temperature was 85F at the handwshing sink. Employees are currently boiling waster to use at the three compartment sink. There is no hot water at the handwashing sink for handwashing."

Capriottis Sandwich Shop/Everything Bagels, Phoenix (6025 North 16th Street)

"In bagel prep table cooler, plain and strawberry cream cheeses past 7 day discard date (8/25 and 8/26). Strawberry and plain cream cheeses were discarded."

Mountain Park Senior Living, Phoenix (4475 East Knox Road)

"Noted raw ground sausage thawing in prep sink in contact with ready to eat hot dogs. Person in charge chose to discard hot dogs."

Desert Sky Rehabilitation Center, Glendale (5125 North 58th Avenue)

"Observed the person in charge (PIC) handle lettuce and tomatoes with her bare hands. Discussed the importance of limiting bare hand contact with ready to eat food items. PIC discarded lettuce and tomatoes, washed her hands and used gloves."
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Lily Altavena