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19 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' on County Health Inspections in June 2016

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Health inspectors in metro Phoenix have been busy this summer. June saw 19 restaurants earn a "D" from county health inspectors, including popular spots such as The Duce and Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe. And violations run the gamut from hand-washing to cross contamination. 

Golden Rule Cafe, Phoenix (808 East Jefferson Street)

"Observed a pot of cooked black-eyed peas and a pot of cooked collard greens both at 53F degrees in walk-in cooler. Employee stated it had been cooling there since last night and had not been taken out."

The Duce, Phoenix (525 South Central Avenue)

"Walk-in refrigerator was holding all foods inside between 46-54F. Items inside included raw meats, poultry, beef, eggs, pork, prepared foods, tuna, macaroni and cheese, cheeses, dips, milk. Items had all been in unit over four hours and were discarded."

Asian Dining, Phoenix (5030 East McDowell Road)

"Noted multiple damp wiping cloths on the counter in kitchen area. Owner removed at time of inspection. Ensure wiping cloths are kept in proper sanitizer solution when not in use."

Carl's Jr., Phoenix (4311 West Camelback Road)

"Employee handled raw chicken then went to handle ready to eat food items and clean equipment without changing gloves and washing hands. Employee was asked to wash hands and did so. "

Minute Liquor Store, Phoenix (2355 South 16th Street)

"Observed prep cooler by grill with ambient temperature of 51F. Manager instructed not to use this cooler until it is fixed and had employees move food to a reach in cooler."

Rice Paper, Phoenix (202 North Central Avenue)

"Observed employee rinse and wash a bucket that was used for storing cooling chicken. Bucket was then immediately used to store re-heated chicken without being sanitized. PIC will make sure that employees are properly washing/rinsing, and sanitizing prior to re-using dishes."

Carniceria Rancho Grande No 1, Phoenix (4227 South Central Avenue) 

"Observed food debris in ham slicer. Employee removed detachable parts and rinsed under water, while another employee used sanitizer on the main unit. Per employees, unit is broken down after each customer and at night and is sanitized only (no wash, rinse, sanitize)."

Denny's, Youngtown (11121 West Grand Avenue)

"Employee removed tissue paper from top of incompletely cooked (still visibly raw) ground beef using his hands and then, without washing his hands, began to work with utensils and to prepare pancakes."

Food City, Mesa (450 East Southern Avenue)

"Observed fresh watermelon drink holding at 46F in cold holding area and per PIC watermelon drink had been out for greater than 6 hours. Drink was discarded at time."

Mellow Mushroom, Tempe (740 South Mill Avenue)

"Functionality Observed several refrigeration units on the line missing visible thermometers. Provide as needed."

Phoenix Gospel Mission, Phoenix (1801 South 35th Avenue)

"Observed the employee responsible for loading and unloading the dishwasher handle dirty dishes before handling clean dishes without washing his hands. Discussed the importance of limiting cross contamination with manager. Employee washed hands."

McDonald's, Scottsdale (5998 North Granite Reef Road)

"Chemicals stored boxes of gloves in storage area. Manager relocated items. Ensure that toxic materials are stored in a manner to prevent contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single service items."

Ishtar Market, Phoenix (3513 West Thunderbird Road)

"Three boxes of open foods, such as pistachio and pistachio orange snack bars, were observed at the countertop of the cash register. Food on display shall be protected from contamination by the use of packaging; counter, service line, or salad bar food guards; display cases; or other effective means."

The Loaded Potato, Phoenix (1638 East Southern Avenue)

"Beef brisket broth in two separate containers one date marked 6/15, and the other 5/30. PIC threw out beef brisket broth at time of inspection. All TCS and RTE foods must be disposed of after 7 days."

Subway, Phoenix (3131 East Thunderbird Road)

"At hot holding station, meatballs and sauce with internal temperatures of 115F-125F. Per employee, meatballs and sauce were in hot holding well >2 hours. Employee reheated meatballs and sauce to the proper temperatures."

Pho Number One, Mesa (1955 West Baseline Road)

"Raw beef in black plastic trash bags. Explained to owner why trash bags may not be safe. Beef wrapped in food safe cellophane."

Carniceria Guasave, Phoenix (3632 West Mcdowell Road)

"Observed the cook touching cooked tongue with bare hands in the walk-in cooler and touching cooked tomatoes for salsa in the kitchen area. Person in charge was notified of issue."

Sakana Sushi & Grill, Glendale (20250 North 59th Avenue)

"Last day of sale or consumption for oysters not recorded on shellfish tags. Some shellfish tags posted on board, some in office. Instructed managers on shellfish tag parameters."

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, Mesa (8335 East Guadalupe Road)

"Observed employees spraying deli meat slicers with sanitizer. Per employee's comments and manager's comments, deli slicers are used continuously throughout day and sprayed with sanitizer to remove food debris, and are then broken down every night for 3-step cleaning process."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.