2 for $20 at Cove Trattoria in Scottsdale

You might be saving your dough to dine out over the weekend, but The Cove Trattoria just launched a tempting new dining deal for the beginning of the week.

On Monday and Tuesday evenings, grab a friend and head in for the 2 for $20 special -- salads and a choice of draft beer, Chianti, or Pinot Grigio for each person, plus a 13" wood-fired pizza to share.

There are several salad options, such as Caesar, spinach salad, and pear and walnut salad, while 16 different hand-tossed pizza choices include margherita, meatball, sausage with caramelized onions, and shrimp with pesto, mozzarella, and tomato vodka cream sauce.

Sounds like a good way to fight off a bad case of the Mondays -- and better yet, it continues through the end of the year.


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