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20 Things No One Told You About Being a Chef in Phoenix

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7.) The East Valley has the highest concentration of specialty diets and food allergies anywhere I have worked (including Orange County). Almost every ticket has a modifier. Chef Chris McKinley, Atlas Bistro

8.) There are different palates in the Valley because Arizona is such a melting pot of people. Jared Lupin, chef and partner, Umami

9.) No one ever told me you can't, you won't, or don't try. We have a great supportive group of food and restaurant people here. Gina Buskirk, chef and owner, Gina's Homemade

10.) How seasonal the business can be in the Valley. Chef Stephan Germanaud, Geordie's at the Wrigley Mansion

11.) It's hot, they don't pay, and the food scene is small. Chef Ehren Litzenberger, BLD Chandler

12.) It's cooler to be in a hot kitchen four out of 12 months compared to being outside. Chef Massimo de Francesa, Taggia at FireSky Resort & Spa, a Kimpton Hotel

13.) Valley chefs are very involved in charity work and are extremely supportive of each other. Chef Stephen Toevs, The Ritz-Carlton, Phoenix

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