2010 Redux: Eater's Digest

Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives? Well, are you? For most of 2010, we have bestowed upon you a little bit of food news, not-to-miss wine dinners and our favorite part, attractive pictures of recipes that stood out amongst the rest of the food porn for that day.

Looking at all that food is rough. Especially for someone who loves food as much as this girl does.

Finding new and delicious recipes became an addiction. Almost every night I would leave work, head straight to the store and spend a ridiculous amount of money to try and replicate something that I saw on someone's blog to impress my new beau (and appease my slight obsession with food). For some reason nothing I made ever turned out looking remotely like the gorgeous photos that graced the interweb.  Oh well. Everything tasted good and I have never made the same meal twice in almost a year.

Here are my top 5 successful recipes that have graced Eater's Digest in 2010

5. Balsamic Watermelon Skewers - technically I didn't make these but a friend of mine did. They were amazing. You wouldn't think that Balsamic vinegar and watermelon would mix but with the addition of a little sugar and basil, it's the perfect combination.   

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Shannon Armour
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