21 Places for Valentine's Day Dinner in Metro Phoenix

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Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails Cost: $80 per person In case you and your valentine don't have the same taste in four-course meals, Blue Hound has you covered, with a "his and hers" style menu for Valentine's Day. "His" menu consists of offerings such as bacon-wrapped oysters with an entree of pork belly and scallops, while "her" menu features chilled Dungeness crab and a plate of petite filet and short rib for the entree. The menu will be served 5:30 - 11:30 p.m. on Valentine's Day, and reservations are available online and by phone.

ZuZu Cost: Varies by plate With everything from tempura shrimp and lobster ($16) to slow-roasted beef tenderloin ($32) on the menu for Valentine's Day, ZuZu promises to make for a unique way to spend a dinner with your love interest. In case you already have plans for Valentine's Day itself, ZuZu's menu will be available the day before Valentine's Day as well, from 5:30 until 11:00 p.m. both days. Reservations can be made via phone.

T. Cook's Cost: $105-125 per person If you're looking to pull out all the tricks this Valentine's Day, T. Cook's should certainly be on the list of places you're considering. The three-course meal being served up at the restaurant known for its romantic atmosphere features dishes such as oysters Rockefeller and filet mignon, with luscious desserts including white chocolate mousse. For those with a slightly tighter budget, the meal is $20 cheaper if you go the day before Valentine's Day.

Phoenix City Grille Cost: Varies by plate From February 13 until February 15, Phoenix City Grille will be serving up its special Valentine's Day menu. The "surf-n-turf" option will contain beef tenderloin and seared scallops, while other specials include duck confit and pan-seared sea bass. If you go on Valentine's Day itself, you'll even get a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries along with your meal. Reservations are recommended.

The Boulders Cost: $50-75 per person With three different restaurants within the Boulders property, the Carefree resort will have several options for your Valentine's Day dinner plan. The Palo Verde Restaurant ($59) and the Grill Kitchen & Bar ($50) will both be serving up three-course meals, including fare such as a rib eye cap with Alaskan king crab and a petit filet with butter-poached prawns, respectively. Latilla ($75) will have a four-course meal including everything from pan-seared scallops to duck breast to its own petit filet, this time with a lobster medallion. Down the street at the Boulders' el Pedregal shopping center, Brugos Pizza ($50) will also be serving up a four-course meal that features an entree of prime rib.

MWC Bistro Cost: $40 per couple If you're not looking to make a big production out of Valentine's Day, you may want to check out one of the two MWC locations between noon and 11:00 p.m. They'll both be offering Valentine-themed flights of wine and beer to go with shared plates of meat, cheese, and/or desserts. Reservations won't be an issue, and if the flights and light fare don't fill you up, they'll have their whole regular menu available as well.

Kazimierz Cost: $40 per couple Another one of the cheaper Valentine's Day options this year will be the three-course meal at Kazimierz. Obviously, the wine isn't included, but with a menu consisting of shrimp cocktail, flourless chocolate cake, and your choice of short ribs or scallops, you could do a lot worse for $20 per person for the most romantic dinner of the year. With the menu available on February 13 and 14, you could even use the first night as a warm-up for the real thing (or to take out a different valentine).

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