21 Places for Valentine's Day Dinner in Metro Phoenix

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Cowboy Ciao Cost: $40-60 per person The three-course menu at Cowboy Ciao is certain to have something for everyone on Valentine's Day. With classic options like filet mignon and duck breast, as well as vegetarian dishes, such as an exotic mushroom panfry, even the pickiest of eaters should find something to tickle their taste buds. The menu is $20 cheaper for the early seating (4:00 p.m., as opposed to 6:00 p.m.), so if you don't mind eating before sundown, you can save some money for drinks and flowers.

J&G Steakhouse Cost: $65 per person With fare including beef tenderloin and truffle fritters, J&G's four-course Valentine's Day meal promises to be a unique dining experience. For dessert, you'll have a choice between a rose macaroon and a chocolate cake, so those with a sweet tooth certainly won't leave disappointed. The menu will be available 5:00-11:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

Talavera Cost: $95-125 per person For those who are looking to go all out for Valentine's Day, head up to the Four Seasons in Troon to check out Talavera. On Valentine's Day ($250 per couple), Talavera will have a six-course meal including highlights such as Kumamoto oysters and Wagyu tenderloin. On the day before and the day after Valentine's Day, the menu is dropped to four courses, but the price also drops by $30 per person. Sparkling wine pairings are available all three days ($130/$90 per couple). Reservations are available by phone.

Umami Cost: $40 per couple Traditional Valentine's Day dinner isn't for everyone, so if you're looking to put an interesting spin on it this year, Umami is certainly an option to consider. For the relatively low price of $40 per couple, you'll each get a customized bowl of ramen, a bottle of sake to share and a bento box full of various dessert items to dip in melted chocolate. It might not be for everyone, but it's definitely one way to separate your Valentine's Day from everyone else's.

Los Sombreros Cost: $75 per couple Some people just want to have as many courses as possible for their Valentine's Day dinner. For those people, it's going to be nearly impossible to beat Los Sombreros' 10-course tasting menu. With a wide variety of gourmet Mexican-themed foods, such as hibiscus taquitos and pechuga rellena, there'll be a little something for both of you over the course of the menu. Obviously, everything is scaled down to tasting sizes, so you won't have to cram 10 full-sized plates into your belly on a night of romance.

Local Bistro Cost: $65 per person The four-course meal being offered by Local Bistro for Valentine's Day features several different classic dishes, such as lobster ravioli and lamb chop lollipops, as well as vegetarian options including eggplant parmesan. With an Italian-heavy special menu, diners will certainly get a taste of the old world for their romantic dinner. If that's not romantic enough, Local Bistro is one of a few restaurants also throwing in a voucher for jewelry for the first 150 couples that make a reservation to dine with them on Valentine's Day.

Central Bistro Cost: $65 per person Executive Chef Chris Mayo's three-course offerings for Valentine's Day include everything from caramelized sea scallops to crispy skinned duck breast, and much more. For those who feel that three courses isn't enough, there's an optional course for $20 more that consists of gnocchi and poached lobster. Central Bistro's meal will also include a jewelry voucher for the first 150 couples who make a reservation to dine at the restaurant on February 14.

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