25 Things We Ate and Drank at Devoured Culinary Classic 2015

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7. In the meat-heavy arena of Devoured, Flower Child helped us get on the light side with a dish of crunchy spring peas and asparagus. Everything about this made us happy. Maybe it was just that it was green, but it also had the right balance of veggies, dressing, crunch, and flavor.

8. Short ribs and mashed potatoes were on the menu for Chelsea's Kitchen. It tasted like Sunday dinners in the Midwest; pure comfort food.

9. Salt Rock Kitchen's braised veal with shallot mushroom ragu and Parmesan polenta was just as good as it sounded.

10. Moving into the vegan world. Urban Beans showed up with Braised Jackfruit Carnitas with slaw. Vegan food shouldn't be this good, but it is, and we wanted more.

11. Alto Ristorante at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch anticipated the weather with a blood orange float.

12. Palm Lane Cakes from Green New American Vegetarian was a delightful dish made with hearts of palm, harissa aioli, sherry vinegar reduction, dulce infused sesame oil, tangelo, and daikon sprouts. Chef Damon Brasch had managed to create a veg dish that doesn't make us run for the nearest crab cake. Perfectly crisp, quite an accomplishment at an outdoor event, with the right balance of flavors with the tangelo and aioli.

13. Walking out the door with a Docs Artisan Ice Creams raspberry chambord sorbet pop was pretty much the icing on the cake, or the pop, or something like that.

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Lauren Saria and Jenny Zink