25 Things We Ate and Drank at Devoured Culinary Classic 2015

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We arrived promptly at 10:25 a.m. on Sunday in order to take advantage of the VIP hour of tasting, which began at 10:30. And to our surprise, we found ourselves at the end of the long line of people already waiting to get a wine glass and get into the event. Fortunately, it moved quickly and by 10:35, we were decked out with a wine glass and wine glass holster (yeah, they look goofy but really do come in handy for this type of event), and had started to eat our way around.

Wary of restaurants running out of food, we chose to start with our favorite spots during an initial loop, with plans to take a wine-tasting break before circling back around for a second lap.

In theory, the plan would have worked well, except that we didn't take into account just how crowded the event would be this year. As we stood in one of the many lines that had sprung up around noon, we could barely stand the combination of crowds, direct sunlight, food, and booze. Needing cool air and some personal space, we headed into the Great Hall to check out the exhibitors there.

14. Virtu chef Gio Osso put together a little plate of Duck, Duck, Goose on Sunday that was easily one of our favorites of the day. Each plate contained a mouthful of duck a l'orange on a piece of pretzel bread, duck and foie gras rillette with preserved Meyer lemon jam, and garlic frites with foie gras aioli. We loved the combination of tart citrus and rich foie, coupled with the tender duck meat.

15. Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza's new restaurant, Barrio Urbano, also offered an impressive spread. We started with a cup of hot menudo spiked with a generous amount of freshly squeezed lime and a sprinkle of chiltepin pepper. The fresh little peppers made our lips tingle with a pleasant and pungent, smoky heat. Thank goodness Esparza had strawberry aguas fresca on hand to put out the fire.

16. The Breadfruit and Rum Bar went all out with a Kumamoto oyster bar for the second day of the event. We loved walking by and hearing cheers for each person enjoying their first-ever oyster, and many people raved about the preparation. Each oyster came brined in a vinegary Jamacian escovitch sauce and topped with a thin slice of pepper.

17. Two places served scallops on Sunday, and we preferred the preparation by Different Pointe of View at The Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. The smell of searing scallops attracted a long line of people, but the reward of a tender scallop over a bed of crispy Parmesan risotto was worth the wait.

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Lauren Saria and Jenny Zink