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$274,547 Can Buy You (and a Date) a Trip to All 109 Michelin Three-Star Restaurants

For all you swanky food lovers out there, one luxury travel agency is offering a hot deal on the dining excursion of a lifetime. No really, it costs, like, a lifetime's worth of savings.

If you can afford to shell out £182,000 per couple (or $274,547), they'll take you and a guest on a trip to every single Michelin three-star restaurant in the world.

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British luxury product website VeryFirstTo announced the offer, which is organized with "award-winning luxury travel company" Holidaysplease.

As you can imagine, you'd have to set aside a nice chunk of time to eat at 109 restaurants in 12 different countries.

To be exact, you'll have to take a six-month hiatus from real life in order to get to them all -- and even with that much time, they estimate you'll be dining at one restaurant every other day. Which means you'll have just enough time to recover from one food coma before plunging head first into the next.

The hefty price tag includes "includes organisation of: travel, accommodation and restaurant reservations; and costs of flights; hotel rooms (and not just any hotels, five-star ones -- because, of course!), and meals at the Michelin restaurants." However, the total is calculated by estimating a $377.93 price per meal per person but will actually depend on what you order.

And if you're feeling like this whole package is a little too indulgent for your style, be cool knowing that "a donation of £1,500 will be made to charity The Prince's Trust, which helps change young lives, once the trip is purchased."

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