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3 Awesome-Looking Metro Phoenix Food and Drink Projects Opening in 2018

Concept art for The Churchill.
Concept art for The Churchill. Awe Collective
2017 was an eventful year in the Phoenix food world. Based on what we already know of 2018, next year looks to be even better. Metro Phoenix will be getting a high-end meat market. We'll be getting a fascinating outdoor food concept of a kind never before seen in this city. And finally, we will be able to drink cocktails in a new bar from one of town's legendary mixologists. Cheers to these projects, and to eating and drinking in 2018.

Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat Market - ARCADIA MEAT MARKET
Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat Market
Arcadia Meat Market
Arcadia Meat Market
A high-end butcher shop will be opening in Arcadia in January. Arcadia Meat Market will offer meat from small ranches and farms in the American West from Arizona to Oregon. The shop will have a strong emphasis on animals raised humanely, pastured, fed food far more robust than feedlot swill, and free of antibiotics. Co-founders Luigi Paroli and Nick Addante have been scouting suppliers for the last year. The shop will source and butcher whole animals. “Because we’ll be getting full carcasses, we’ll be able to custom cut to anybody’s specifications,” Paroli says. “We can do anything anyone can do in the meat industry.”

click to enlarge The Churchill is under construction and slated for a spring 2018 opening - AWE COLLECTIVE
The Churchill is under construction and slated for a spring 2018 opening
Awe Collective
The Churchill
A new kind of outdoor food space called The Churchill is slated to open in Spring 2018 on the northeast corner of First and Garfield streets. The community gathering place will consist of four restaurants, two bars, and four retail shops. The community aspect is serious. Tenants of The Churchill “pay,” as part of their rent, four hours of community service a month. “The idea is that there’s an 8,000-square-foot community space that will be shared by everyone,” co-founder Kell Duncan says. “The small businesses will circle the common area.” At the common area, people will be able to eat and hang out.

Ross Simon and Tucson-based Aaron DeFeo. - LISA OLSON PHOTOGRAPHY
Ross Simon and Tucson-based Aaron DeFeo.
Lisa Olson Photography
Little Rituals
A boozy lounge will be opening at 132 South Central Avenue on the fourth floor of a downtown Phoenix high-rise (the Residence Inn/Courtyard by Marriott Phoenix Downtown) in mid-2018. That lounge, to be called Little Rituals, will be a collaboration between Ross Simon (Bitter & Twisted) and Aaron DeFeo, mixologist at Casino del Sol in Tucson. The focus will be avant-garde cocktails. Simon and DeFeo aim to change local impressions of the hotel bar. With high-end digs and cocktails pulling from global mixology traditions, Little Rituals will aspire to give hotel bars the reputation they enjoy in cities like New York and Los Angeles.
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