3 Frozen Desserts to Cool You Down in Metro Phoenix

Luna gelato straight from the GX8.
Luna gelato straight from the GX8. Chris Malloy
It's officially spring, with temperatures in the Valley reaching the 80s this week. Given the sunshine and warm days ahead, it's time to talk frozen dessert: ice cream, gelato, the refreshing sweets you crave as soon as the Valley heats up. Here, we share three spots for frozen desserts that our writers recently enjoyed. You don't need a sweet tooth to enjoy these cold, sweet, beautiful flavors.

Tins of gelato and sorbetto. - CHRIS MALLOY
Tins of gelato and sorbetto.
Chris Malloy
Luna Gelateria & Cafeteria in Scottsdale
Stefano Fabbri, owner of Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana, has opened Luna Gelateria & Cafeteria in the old Forno Fabbri space. Each sorbetto at Luna is made of just fruit, water, and sugar. The mango is lush and deep and tropical. Twisted gelato mounds come in mostly traditional flavors. Fabbri makes Sicilian pistachio, stracciatella (milk base with chocolate shavings), and fior di latte (cream). He has plans to make gelato rolls using a sweet flatbread, booze-spiked gelato sundaes, and even a ricotta gelato flavor. Luna has more than gelato. The non-frozen goods can be just as cool. Fabbri bakes several kinds of focaccia and the menu also includes panini, Roman-style pizzas, salads, and soup.

Ice cream from Mighty Moo. - SAMANTHA POULS
Ice cream from Mighty Moo.
Samantha Pouls
Mighty Moo Ice Cream in Youngtown
Mighty Moo Ice Cream in Youngtown serves more than 30 flavors, operating out of a food trailer as well as a storefront. Flavors include creative twists like Lemon Oreo, Haboob, Frankenstein, a Reverse Root Beer Float, and Nutty Coffee. Haboob is made with butterscotch ice cream, caramel, Oreos, and chocolate chunks. The Reverse Root Beer Float is just that: root beer-flavored ice cream with vanilla creme soda. Frankenstein, a popular flavor, is ever-changing, containing three to five layers of the shop's homemade flavors. Owner Colleen White uses an American-style ice cream recipe to churn out flavors, all of which are made in-house and either served in the store or on the trailer for events and parties.

Made-for-camera ice cream bars. - MEAGAN MASTRIANI
Made-for-camera ice cream bars.
Meagan Mastriani
Pop 'N Tea Bar in Phoenix
Fancy frozen treats called Diamond Bars are the signature dish of the newly opened Pop 'N Tea Bar, a glossy dessert shop on McDowell Road in Phoenix that also serves slushies, smoothies, and teas. Plain Diamond Bars come in 13 flavors of gelato or sorbet. There's a range of choices from classics like mint chocolate chip to swankier options like sea salt caramel. The Deluxe version costs an extra dollar and is fully customizable. Choose between a half or whole dip of milk, dark, or white chocolate, and then dress it up with two toppings. Go for a pairing like shredded coconut and roasted pistachios, or perhaps Captain Crunch bits and rainbow sprinkles. The possibilities feel endless, and so far we haven't found a bad mix.

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