3: Taproom Tenderloin at Four Peaks Brewing Company

3: Taproom Tenderloin at Four Peaks Brewing Company

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Number 3: Taproom Tenderloin at Four Peaks Brewing Company

I've always been that person who somehow singles out an amazing dish that ends up being the envy of everyone at the table. This hidden talent served me well for years before I ended up becoming a restaurant critic, and I still return to certain dishes over and over.

The first time I visited Four Peaks for beer and a bite, I discovered the Taproom Tenderloin, and have since eaten it almost every time I've been here. Sure, a burger goes great with some suds, but I'll take this decadent sandwich anyday.

It's sort of like a fancy cheesesteak, made with filet mignon. The meat is thin and tender, topped with blue cheese crumbles and crispy onion straws, plus lettuce and tomato. A slick of roasted garlic-jalapeno aioli gives it just enough of a kick to keep me from falling into an easy food coma.

This bad boy is a lot of food, but even after a couple of pints, I can (and do) clean my plate.

Diet? What diet?


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