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5 Best "Last Call" Cocktails of 2013

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This week we've looked back at some of our favorite posts in Guilty Pleasures, Bites & Dishes and Chef & Tell. We're rounding things out with a cocktail (what else?) with our five favorite Last Call cocktail recipes of 2013, courtesy of Chow Bella resident bartender J.K. Grence.

How to Make a Hanky Panky Here I go again with drinks with weird names. Hanky Panky? It manages to be hopelessly outdated, yet still carries a lurid aura with it. The origin of the drink's name is a bit more innocent. It goes back to the early 20th century, at the American Bar in London's Savoy Hotel.

Ada "Coley" Coleman was a pioneer in bartending. She was one of the first well-known female bartenders in a profession that was long dominated by men. She later would hand the reins of the Savoy's American Bar to Harry Craddock, who would go on to write the Savoy Cocktail Book, still considered essential reading for anyone with a taste for classic cocktails. Read more here.

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How to Make a Breakfast Martini Thanks to a recent shift change at work, I'm now off on Sundays. This means I can once more be on the receiving end of that wonderful Sunday morning drinking tradition, brunch. Some of my favorite cocktails are tailor-made for brunch.

I can get picky with my brunch drinks. The Bloody Mary is the standard bearer, of course. But often, I don't want lunch in a glass. On the other end of the spectrum, a properly made Ramos Gin Fizz is ethereal. But, sometimes they're a little too light. Further, they're such a pain in the ass to make that I almost never make them at home. Read more here.

How to Make the Perfect Lemon Drop One of my favorite uses for flavored vodka has to be Lemon Drops. As far as drinks go, they're almost foolproof. I'll even tolerate low-rent ones made with (gasp!) bottled sour mix.

While the vast majority of Lemon Drops out there are at least somewhat drinkable, a well-made one is a marvel. It almost makes you pine for the cocktail explosion of the late 1990s, back when anything Technicolor-hued in a cocktail glass was dubbed a martini.

Almost. Read more here.

How to Make a Josie Russell With both Arizona Cocktail Week and Arizona Beer Week coming up fast (The same week again?! Seriously guys, there's two options here: Either move them to two separate weeks, or get the wine folks on the bandwagon and we can mash it all into the Arizona Booze Celebration. I even gave it a catchy acronym for you.), I figured I should find a cocktail appropriate for both camps. There's one problem.

I'm not a beer guy.

I mean, I'll enjoy an ale every now and again, but the current beer arms race to create the hoppiest IPA on the planet literally leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. However, I do enjoy a different brewed product: Hard cider. Beer snobs tend to pooh-pooh cider, probably because the crisp, fruity taste doesn't blow your eyebrows clean across the room like the popular hop-bombs do. But darn it, cider is delicious. And if you need more justification, Hemingway drank cider. Of course he drank cider. He drank everything. He also enjoyed cider in a cocktail named for one of his best friends, Josie Russell. Read more here.

How to Make the Best Zombie The Zombie has quite the storied history. It was created way back in 1934 by one Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt. He changed his name to Donn Beach, and opened a little tropical-themed restaurant and bar called Don the Beachcomber. Soon, competing tropical paradises dotted the country, including a few by Victor Bergeron, who you know better as the inventor of the Mai Tai, Trader Vic. Read more here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.