5 Best Restaurants in The Biltmore Neighborhood Right Now

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The Tavern

Located just next door to Mark Tarbell's namesake restaurant Tarbell's, The Tavern offers a more casual vibe and affordable price point -- at least, by Biltmore neighborhood standards. But trust us, the cuisine is worth every penny. The restaurant serves everything from burgers to oysters, though you really ought to give the Spanish bikinis a try. The miniature sandwiches are similar to a French croque monsieur and feature ingredients including truffle and chive oils, manchego cheese, and jamón serrano. For heartier fare there's a delicious lamb burger that pairs well with one of the restaurant's inventive cocktails.


There's a lot to love about Elliot Wexler's new American eatery, Noca. For one, there's the impressive dinners, during which the service is always as excellent as the food. The menu highlights a collection of top quality ingredients, including Waygu beef and Korobuta pork. Plus the restaurant offers a lunch service, Nocawich, during which you can drop by the restaurant and pick up a gourmet sandwich to-go or enjoy it while you watch the kitchen prepare for dinner. Lastly, Noca gives us a good reason to get out of the house on Sunday thanks to Sunday Simple Supper: $35 for a three-course meal that just might include Noca's well-loved fried chicken.

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Lauren Saria
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