5 Best Things I Ate and Drank in March

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Tonkotsu Ramen from Dozo Izakaya

Earlier this month you may have noticed Dozo Izakaya in Tempe made it on our list of 8 Asian Restaurants in Metro Phoenix You've Probably Never Tried -- But Should. Well, you really should try it, if only for the experience of eating chicken gizzard and hearts and baby squid hot off the restaurant's grill. However, if you find yourself intimidated by the idea of these less-popular meats, try the tonkotsu ramen. Dozo serves a worthy bowl of ramen made with rich, creamy pork bone broth and loaded with thick slices of char-siu. Plus, at only $8.75 per bowl, it's an affordable meal.

Tostones from FrinGo's Kitchen

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Even if you're not an expert in Latin American food, you can tell a lot about a restaurant by the flavor and quality of its tostones. After all, fried plantain chips are a staple side dish in countries from the Caribbean to West Africa. Some of the best I've had in the Valley (or anywhere), can be found at FrinGo's Kitchen, a newly opened Puerto Rican restaurant in Chandler. As with a perfectly executed French fry, the tostones at FrinGo's balance a crispy, well-seasoned exterior with a soft interior that doesn't compromise the flavor of the plantain. Plus, they come with a side of the restaurant's mojo de ajo, a simple oil-based sauce tinged with the mellow flavor of roasted garlic. The combination is addicting.

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