Sugar Rush

5 Desserts to Take to Your Holiday Party

Holiday tunes are blaring on the radio as I walk the aisles of every store. Parking lots become asphalt spaces of rage. Christmas tree lots have popped up everywhere. Lights twinkle strung in gaudy heaps on every outdoor yard item.

The holidays have arrived, and with them the numerous holiday party invites.

I love holiday parties. Hopefully good food. Free-flowing booze. The drunken shenanigans of friends, family, and coworkers. A working iPhone with camera and video is always good to have on hand. However, I always get a texted or emailed request from my hosts to supply a dessert.

I don't mind. I love being the bearer of sweets. It's the one time of year I don't hear, "That looks heavenly, but I'm on a diet" or "I can't possibly eat that, I've gained 5 pounds just looking at it!" In fact, I feel the need to bring something more than Christmas cookies or one of my normal go-to desserts.

These are the desserts that I will be taking with me to holiday parties this season.

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Rachel Miller
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