5 Disgusting Foods That Will Make You Eat Healthy In the New Year

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This is Why You're Fat: cataloging where things went wrong

On the This is Why You're Fat tumblr "where dreams become heart attacks," you'll find such appetite-repelling dishes as a deep fried poutine calzone, yogurt covered Cheetos, and our personal favorite, a KFC double down wedged between two hefty glazed donuts. Click through enough archived pages and you'll not only feel bad for your eating habits, but the eating habits of the entire human race.

The Candwhich- where self-respect goes to die.

What's a candwich? Why, it's a sandwhich, in a can! Why had we not thought of this before?

Because it's wrong. So very wrong.

But Americans just can't help ruining a good thing. The Candwhich comes in three varieties including PB &J and Honey Barbecued Chicken.We first learned about this culinary mutant through a rather nauseating site known as where among other featured delicacies are fermented herring, barbecued bat, and cat litter cake.

Not only will you start eating healthier after viewing (or worse, sampling) these items, you'll probably just forgo eating all together.

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