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5 Favorite Onion Rings in Metro Phoenix

Oh the onion ring, a staple side dish among burger joints and steak houses alike, but often overshadowed by its potato cousin. While you can get your fix of french fries nearly anywhere in this metropolis, the task of finding onion rings is a little more challenging, which is why we've put together a list of 5 places to fuel your fried onion craving.

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Original Hamburger Works

Some things never change. Take Hamburger Works, for example. Those who love it frequent it religiously- probably because what you ordered in 1974 is going to taste the same as what you order today. This no-frills neighborhood bar and burger stop features a condiment bar (Golden Corral style) and order-at-the-counter service. The Hamburger Works onion rings are more fry batter than onion, leaving plenty of empty space on the inside to either fill with more sauce or just slide that sliver of onion out when you know no one's looking.

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