5 Foods Ruined Forever Thanks to Horror Films

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5.) Smoked Meats Courtesy of Motel Hell

Forget your fondness for flavored dried, smoked sausages (also kindly looking farmers and backyard gardens) after you've checked in to this 1980 horror comedy film. On the surface, tender and marbled meat seasoned with secret herbs, stuffed into casings, and aged in a smokehouse by Farmer Vincent Smith and his younger sister Ida, may seem like a locavore's wet dream, but when you find out the secret ingredient and how it's processed, it's nothing short of a nightmare -- albeit of the drive-in movie ilk.

4.) Octopus Courtesy of Old Boy

If you have a fondness for seafood, especially octopus, it doesn't get any fresher (or more freaky) than it does in this 2003 South Korean revenge pic. It may be comforting (probably not) to know that this scene is one of the film's least disturbing ones. Less relieving is the fact that it's not computer generated and that four of the cephalopod mollusks were used in the making of it. (RIP)

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Laura Hahnefeld
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