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5 Metro Phoenix Juice Bars That'll Make You Want to Drink Your Meals

So, you're thinking about juicing.

Maybe you're still clinging to that New Year's Resolution; maybe you're just looking to rid your body of last night's tequila. Whatever your motivation might be, Phoenix is #blessed with tons of local cold-pressed juice options. If you're not yet ready to splurge on a juicer of your own, or if you're just looking for inspiration, check out these local liquid-diet hot spots.

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Juby True You know a food phenomenon is trending when Sam Fox throws his hat into the ring. Juby True, Fox Restaurant Concepts' response to the raw craze, provides high-quality organic fruit and veggie elixirs at their free-standing Phoenix and Scottsdale stores and at their True Foods juice bar.

In addition to cold-pressed juices, Juby True offers "Hydrators" (fruit and veggie infused waters), "Juice Boosts" (three-ounce "re-energizing" tiny-juices), and a slew of salads and paleo treats (if you're into the whole "eating solid food" thing.)

Juice Core

Juice Core has been a Chow Bella favorite for quite some time, but we're continually impressed by their commitment to making healthy eating convenient. We recommend the "Peachin' to the Choir," a spicy blend of peaches, cucumber, green apple, lemon, ginger, mint, and jalapeno pepper that promises to "scrub your colon and kill parasites." How did they know our colons needed scrubbing?

Juice Core has a retail location in Scottsdale, and they make regular appearances at several local farmers' markets, but they also offer online ordering and home delivery - so you can enjoy all the benefits of juicing without having to leave your couch. Win.

Juicd Life With locations at Scottsdale Fashion Square and at the Biltmore, Juicd Life offers a range of super tasty smoothies, bowls, and juices to treat what ails you. They also offer specially designed cleanse packages in one, two, and three-day increments, or will help you custom design your own cleansing package. For each day of the cleanse you will receive six 16-ounce bottles of the juices of your choosing, designed to "flush, detoxify, hydrate, and nourish." At $9.50 per bottle, it is likely that your wallet will also be be flushed by the end of your cleanse.

Bowl of Greens

We love any restaurant that makes eating vegetables as easy as eating fast food, and we double-love Bowl of Greens' friendly staff. Located across from Civic Space Park on the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus, Bowl of Greens offers fresh made-to-order salads, smoothies, and, of course, juice.

Bonus point: If you live or work within one mile of the cafe, Bowl of Greens will bring your juice to you. By bicycle, even.


Grabbagreen offers a variety of nutrient-focused bowls, wraps, and salads to fit every appetite. We appreciate that their menu is fairly customizable and kid (or immature adult) friendly. At their Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, and CityScape locations, Grabbagreen offers a plethora of juices and elixirs.

They're also remarkably transparent - their menu is forthright about the nutritional content of each of their items, and they're open about their fruit and veggie sourcing practices. Their vendors include local folks like Chandler's Rhiba Farms and Buckeye's Duncan Family Farms, but they have some out-of-state suppliers as well.

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