5 Must-Try Iced Coffee and Tea Drinks in Metro Phoenix

It’s June, and we’re in Phoenix. Goodbye beautiful tolerable climate, hello heat advisories and near-instantaneous sunburns. Thankfully, Phoenix has some pretty tasty iced coffee (and tea) drinks to look forward to this time of year. Here’s a smattering of our favorites for summer.

Rollover Donuts’ (Iced) Orange Cardamom Latte

We love this fun flavor combination from Rollover Donuts. The orange is bright, clean, and sweet, while the cardamom is robust and grounding. We don’t often think of pairing citrus and coffee, but the addition of the spice and just a touch of milk makes this drink a clean, refreshing, and inventive summer beverage option.

Cartel Coffee’s Espresso Excelente

If we had a vote, we’d make Horchata the state beverage of Arizona. It seems to pop up everywhere in the summer — slushies, popcicles, cocktails, you name it. Add it to another of our favorite drinks (espresso, duh) and you’ve got a delicious summer coffee drink. Cartel’s house-made horchata is a touch sweet, a touch savory, and has a silky texture that plays nicely with their coffee. As an added bonus, this drink offers all of the creamy deliciousness of an iced latte, but is 100% vegan.

Crepe Bar’s Nordic Iced Mocha

Crepe Bar’s chilly spin on a traditional iced mocha features a perfectly balanced blend of rose water, black licorice, and Valrhona chocolate. A splash of Heart Roasters espresso adds a caffeinated kick and yet another layer of remarkably intricate flavor to the drink. Crepe Bar is never neglectful when it comes to presentation — their iced mocha comes garnished with licorice bark, licorice candy, and caramelized cacao nibs.

Phoenix Public Market Cafe’s Arnold Palmer du Jour

We know what you’re thinking: an Arnold Palmer? Really? But hear us out. The cafe always features a rotating “lemonade of the month,” which has yet to disappoint. Made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, just a touch of sugar, and infused with seasonal herbs or fruits (right now it’s Lemon Verbena), the lemonade is a delight in its own right. Add a splash of Phoenix Public Market Cafe’s Prickly Pear iced tea, and you’ve got yourself an Arnold Palmer fit for a Desert Queen.

Urban Beans’ Matcha Smash

Blended coffee drinks have a tendency to be oddly textured, poorly balanced, and full of artificial ingredients and icky preservatives. Don’t worry, an alternative exists: tea. Urban Beans’ Matcha Smash is a not-too-sweet mix of matcha green tea, milk, and ice. The matcha adds richness and umami, the milk makes it creamy, and the ice makes it fun. Try ordering the Matcha Smash as though you are the Hulk, we bet their baristas love that. 

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Zaida Dedolph
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