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5 Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

As a kid I used to dread Thanksgiving leftovers. My parents, however, seemed to love them and would make us all feed off what seemed like an empty carcass for almost a week. Leftovers need not be so grim with Pinterest in your life. In fact, after taking a look at these leftover recipes you just might be inclined to set aside some leftovers on purpose.

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Before getting into some more substantial bites, give your belly a little break from all the stuffing and try the above Thanksgiving Leftovers Salad. I think it's pure genius! These Thanksgiving Mason jars are definitely on my list! Visit Big Red Kitchen to get more ideas on how to create these fabulous leftover jars including a turkey sandwich kit and turkey shepherd's pie.

Speaking of shepherd's pie, if you're really into it, Martha Stewart offers her own pie recipe as a way to use up all of those leftovers at once.

Now, I've seen and made my fair share of Thanksgiving sandwiches, but none of them ever looked this good. The folks at know how to make a club sandwich. This recipe doesn't leave anything out; it even includes a dinner roll slathered with mashed potatoes right in the middle of everything.

Last but definitely not least - Thanksgiving sushi and crostini. Yes, now we've seen it all. And, as stated by the original authors on The Tablespoon, "before you set yourself on fire and jump out the nearest window, relax." These little bites actually look really tempting. I just might have to try it, and I think you should too!

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