5 Restaurant Week Picks for Foodies (and 5 More For the Rest of Us)

The new spring version of Arizona Restaurant Week starts this Friday, May 13.

With over 50 restaurants involved in the $30-40 three-course meal deal, it's hard to figure out which places to hit. The Dhaba's menu looks delicious, for example, while White Chocolate Grill's "Date Night" special doesn't impress.  

To help cull the choices, here's a quick-and-dirty list of our top restaurant menu combos for the sophisticated palate -- plus more accessible recommendations for everyone else.

1. The Mission - Pork cheek carne secca, plancha salmon with huitlacoche, and espresso churros

Average Joe pick: Fuego Tacos (a steal at 2 for $30)

  • Pork empanadas
  • Choice of 2 taco platters
  • Churros with spicy chile-chocolate sauce


2. Petite Maison - Foie gras torchon, bistro tender with bone marrow bordelaise, and dark chocolate souffle  

Average Joe pickBeckett's Table

  • Grits n' sausage trio
  • Green chile pork stew
  • Chocolate-dipped bacon s'mores 


3.  Noca - Duck confit, wine-braised pork with fennel pollen, and passion fruit and coconut dessert with almond dacquoise

Average Joe pickCowboy Ciao

  • Crispy mac n' cheese
  • Pig n' Puddin' BBQ pork with polenta
  • Banana cream pie with sea salt caramel 


4.  Province: Bite-size trio of cuban pork sammy, corn croqueta and spring squash taquito, slow-cooked organic salmon, dessert tasting of squash cupcake, peanut butter chocolate flan and seasonal fruit tart  

Average Joe Pick: Citizen Public House

  • Bacon fat popcorn
  • Pan-seared scallops with grits
  • Dessert duet (hopefully including the bacon-apple bread pudding!)


Vegetarian options:

5. Tapas Papa Frita - Spinach and garbanzo stuffed piquillo, cheese stuffed portobello, tomato & potato trio, and gluten-free apple bread pudding creme catalana    

Average Joe pick: The House at Secret Garden

  • Beet & goat cheese salad
  • Handmade butternut squash ravioli
  • Arizona peach shortcake

For full menus and other Restaurant Week dining choices, click HERE.


Where are you headed for restaurant week? Let us know, and maybe we'll see you there. 

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