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5 Super Bowl Food Touchdowns

Leave it to Americans to come up with yet one more day that allows gluttony to prevail over common sense, class, and dignity. Yes folks, we are talking about the Super Bowl. What was once just a simple day to watch a championship game has been turned into to a drunken food fest.

And we are totally okay with that.

Hell yes! It's time for the Super Bowl. The one day when it is totally acceptable to high five like it's going outta style, scream at the T.V., route for a random team, stuff your face with the worst food on the planet and drink Coors Light.

We found 5 foods perfect for Super Bowl day. Grab your bottle of Tums and check 'em out!

5. Mancakes -  Start your Super Bowl morning off right with a plateful of fully loaded Bacon and Beer Mancakes. Just substitute your favorite beer for the usual milk or water add a couple chopped up slices of candied bacon and you have yourself one hell of a breakfast. (If you must girly them up use Framboise and fresh berries)    


4. Spicy White Castle Dip - Kudos to our sister paper The Pitch for actually making us vomit in our mouths a little bit yesterday. Anything that calls for burgers and a food processor is questionable but it is the Super Bowl and anything goes. Anything. Even burger dip. Check out the recipe here.

3. Spicy Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings - Wings. No Super Bowl would be complete without them. Take yours over the top with this ridiculous combination red hot and PB&J. These look so tasty you might be able to get away with eating them whenever you want! Click here to make your own.

2. Bologna Cake - Yep, you read that right. It's a fully legit cake made up of layers of bologna slices and frosted with ranch flavored cream cheese and sharp cheddar aerosol cheese. A conversation piece that captures the true spirit of the Super Bowl. Score the "recipe" here

1. Bacon Spam Footballs - Impress your friends and clog arteries with these attractive balls of fried canned meat. What could be better then football shaped balls of Spam with chunks of cheesy goodness hiding inside, wrapped in bacon and then deep fried? Nothing. The creator, even made a helpful tutorial video. Check it out here.

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