5 Ways to Celebrate Craft Beer Week

What do you expect? We were recently ranked 57th out of 100 in the fun category by the Phoenix Business Journal sister publication Portfolio.com.

Not to fret. We have a couple ideas.

5. Brew your own beer.
What's better then cold pint of hoppy goodness? A cold pint of beer you painstakingly

brewed yourself. Stop by Brewers connection in Tempe for all of your home brewing needs. They even have an online tutorial to take you step by step through the brewing process.

4. Try Something New
SanTan Brewing is giving up three of their taps to other local breweries. Papago, Grand Canyon and Sun Up will each have a beer on tap for your enjoyment. They are also offering beer and burger pairings all week. Also, Thursdays at Boulders on Broadway is half price manager selected bottles and since you can't drink the same beer twice you are forced to venture into new territory. Lastly, Friday's at Sun Devil Liquors in Mesa host beer tastings to further expand your palette.

3. Host Your Own Beer Festival
Grab a few friends and head over to Tops Liquor in Tempe where you can mix and match 6-packs. Make sure everyone gets something different so you can all try new and exotic beers from around the world.

2. Drink AZ Beer And Rock Out
This Friday May 21st you can do just that. Tucson post-punk band Thriftstore Throwdown will be playing at north Phoenix's Old World Brewery. Old World concentrates on European style brews including their porter style Dark Ale and Old World Wit.

1.Get Out of the House and Visit Your local brewery!
We'll admit that we don't have many but the ones we have need our support. If we don't support them now, we won't get any more in the future. Beside quality over quantity, right? Visit the Arizona Brewers Guild for a complete list of Arizona Micro Breweries. Or check out out a couple of our favorites such as Four Peaks and Sleepy Dog Brewery in Tempe or Papago Brewing in Scottsdale.

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