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50 Awesome Gifts for the Food and Drink Lover

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5 Gifts for the Home Gardener Kate Crowley

Fruit tree or gift certificate for a fruit tree

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Places like Baker's, Berridge and Moon Valley nurseries can guide you toward a memorable and personal purchase. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, plus you can feel extra good about supporting a local business. There are different times during the season to plant fruit trees, depending on the type, so be sure to find out what your recipients are fond of and what they have room for in their yard.

A fancy birdhouse

Everyone loves garden accessories, and birdhouses add a touch of charm to any garden. Luckily MADE Boutique typically carries birdhouses year-round, like these, made of license plates by Greg Esser. In case you're more of a DIY person, his blog also gives instructions on how to make one. This is a gift that's easy to find a space in a yard for and since they come in a variety of sizes and styles, highly customizable.

Mud Season by Ellen Stimson

This is the book for the want-to-be farmer. The author's family picks up from the St. Louis area and moves to rural Vermont where high-jinks ensue upon purchasing a non-farmhouse, chickens, sheep, and an old-style country store.

An easy, fun, holiday read for the want-to-be farmer.It's an easy read, and perfect to curl up if you've made a little fire. The book actually leaves you longing for snow covered New England, which given our penchants for warm weather -- is really saying something.

Pocket hose, as seen on TV

If you're buying for a container gardener or patio home gardener, this is a great gift. Yes, it's "sold on TV," but that also means you can find it extra cheap and at convenience places all over the country -- in case you find yourself in a gift jam. It's super lightweight and easy to handle, which is great for an older gardener too.

Water trough for planting

While feed and water troughs can run anywhere from $60 to $200 they are a great and handy thing to have for gardens of all sizes. Give your local feed store a call, but typically places like Higley Feed or The Stock Shop will carry them. You'll need to have the recipient drill holes in the bottom for drainage and when planting, they can fill the bottom with something lightweight and use the top few feet for planting. Just be sure to use a truck or SUV to get it home!

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