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6 Best Coffee Houses, Drinks, and Beans in Metro Phoenix

The 2016 edition of New Times' Best of Phoenix is out now. Here's our list of the best places and drinks to help you get your caffeine fix in metro Phoenix. 

Best Mexican Specialty Coffee Shop:
Tres Leches Cafe

Situated in a corner inside Scott's Generations deli in central Phoenix, Tres Leches Café is the place to go for irresistibly good lattes (and other coffee and smoothie drinks), inspired by the flavors of Mexico and Latin America. On the menu, you'll find delicious concoctions like the Café Churro, a blend of cinnamony "churro sauce," fresh-ground espresso, and the cafe's signature tres leches cream, which is kind of like the house version of half-and-half.

Best Cold-Brew Coffee: be Coffee

Be Coffee is tucked away in the monOrchid gallery and office space off Roosevelt Row. There are many schools of thought as to what a good cold brew should be like, but these guys are keeping it classy, with a cup of java that is clean as a whistle, has great malty and chocolatey flavor, a smooth feel — and, very importantly, is plenty strong to begin with, seeing as how ice melts at rapid speeds here in the desert.

Best Coffee House: Peixoto Coffee

Plenty of coffee shops claim to be all about forging relationships directly with coffee farmers, but there isn't anyone in metro Phoenix doing it quite as well as Peixoto Coffee in downtown Chandler. The coffee shop gets a portion of its beans directly from Brazil — specifically from the Peixoto family farm called Fazenda São José da Boa Vista — and they're then roasted right before customers' eyes inside the comfortable East Valley storefront.

Best New Coffee House: Fourtillfour

Old Town Scottsdale didn't exactly need another good coffee shop option — but it was screaming for a little diversity (the Fifth Avenue Shops boast a Cartel outpost; Sip down the street serves Cartel as well), so we're happy we not only got a shop serving famed San Francisco roaster Four Barrel, but along with it the unexpected, delightfully Porsche-themed nature of the shop, tucked into a little garage next to a multi-use space.

Best Coffee Roaster: Press Coffee Roasters

Slow and steady wins the race. Press Coffee Roasters is nowhere near the flashiest of roasters in town, but when it comes to a having a warm, welcoming staff and a high-quality product, Press continues to deliver.

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