7 Chef Steakout in Tempe Serves Beef 7 Ways

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Dish: Beef Tartare (Eye of Round) Chef: Joshua Herbert (Posh) Right off the bat, Chef Herbert tests your commitment to eating cattle prepared as many different ways as possible by serving an Asian-style tartare dish. We're usually not big fans of tartare, but this tasted and felt more like a denser version of sashimi than any tartare we'd ever tried before. We're not pretending to know a whole lot about tartare, but we had to admit that this was awfully good. The wonton strips provided a great crunch while the seaweed was, well, seaweed. The accompanying drink was called a "Red Eye-PA." and used both a spicy pepper flavor and sweet fruit to add an Asian-flavored complement to the dish.

Dish: Mongolian Beef (Sweet Breads) Chef: Kelly Fletcher (The Revival) While Mongolian beef certainly isn't a very uncommon dish, Chef Fletcher's version was certainly a re-imagining of what you would typically think of when it comes to the Asian food. The lightly battered and fried sweet breads (see: organ meat) brought a unique crunchy on the outside/soft on the inside texture to the dish while the flavors were brought out by the bed of fried rice underneath it. Considering we generally wouldn't dare to try sweet breads, it's hard to complain about a tasty offering made from a part of the cow that generally gets passed on. The Peach Ale was a refreshing light beer that helped to cut some of the innate greasiness of the fried meat and rice without stealing any tastebuds away from the food.

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